yoboo Launches Anti-Colic Baby Bottle, Opening Up a New Medical Feeding Experience

Feb 17,2022

At present, in order to expand the baby bottle series, Japanese medical maternal and infant brand yoboo launches the anti-colic and off-centered baby bottle on the Philippine market, which intends to provide the more professional and warmer feeding experience to babies and mothers.

yoboo anti-colic baby bottle upgrades the design and materials, adopts the "off-centered" baby bottle, effectively prevents from choking milk, and imitates the breast milk feeding gesture. As a result, the baby doesn't need to raise the head when drinking the milk, which protects the baby cervical vertebra, and realizes the comfortable anti-colic feeding. Due to its unique ventilation system, it may adjust the air pressure in the baby bottle under which the air flows into the bottle bottom, realizing the air-and-flow separation. Hence, it reduces the baby problems such as colic, regurgitation milk, hiccup, etc. It is equipped with the breast-milk-imitated silicone nipple, which ensures the softness and flexibility, and enables the baby to easily suck the milk.

yoboo Launches Anti-Colic Baby Bottle, Opening Up a New Medical Feeding Experience

yoboo Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

yoboo not only has the professional medical parenting guidance team and scientific R&D concept, but also is good at listening to the actual monologue. Hence, it successfully makes the wonderful product that satisfies the market demand. yoboo previously launched the special column titled Medical Breast Milk Feeding in the New Era on the Internet, which collected tens of thousands pieces of enthusiastic messages of baby mothers. It was found by yoboo that many baby mothers wished to have more time to realize their own values during the feeding process.

With regard to the parenting appeals of baby mothers in the new era, yoboo has raised the one-stop breast milk breeding concept for baby mothers in combination with the soother features. As expressed by yoboo R&D team, yoboo soother adopts the human medical arc design, food-level silicon material, and the touch feeling that is closer to mother's breast, to help the baby realize the successful switch between papilla and nipple, and aid the mother to realize the multi-scenario and go-as-you-please feeding.

For multiple years, yoboo has always focused on promoting the baby physical health, medical parenting guidance and scientific & technical feeding, and providing the professional, safe and health breeding care for every baby.

Source: yoboo

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