Types of Newborn Products

Products we provide to babies

Choosing the right feeding items feeding your baby is just the beginning. yoboo has profession and experience of feeding & parenting product manufacturing, as well as a variety of products such as anti-colic bottles, bottle steriliser, baby food makers, toys, travel supplies, etc.

Types of Newborn Products

Breastfeeding & Breastfeeding Essentials

Professional breastfeeding support to provide scientific and effective solutions

Baby Bottles & Teats Related

Accompanying mothers at all stages Preparing for the new babies

Baby Care & Bathing

Gentle and meticulous care creates a good start for the healthy growth of the baby

Baby Food Tableware

Scientific feeding training to stimulate the baby's interest in food and promote the healthy growth of the baby

Indoor & Baby Safety

Safety protection, liberate the mother, and let the baby grow up in a more free environment

Outdoor & Travel Gear

With convenient travel support, enjoy a good time exploring the world with your baby

Baby Toys

Baby's ability training, meet the baby's needs at all stages of growth and create a colorful childhood for your baby

Needs Vs. Wants for Your Newborn Baby

All mothers are full of expectations for the birth of the baby when they are pregnant, and can't wait to start preparing the baby's post-birth supplies to welcome them. So, what should we prepare for babies? yoboo provides you with a list of baby items:


Breast pump: It can help you dredge your breast painlessly and breastfeed better.

Breast milk storage bag: It can store enough breast milk, so your baby doesn't need other alternative food.

Milk bottle: Please remember that newborn babies can only use a nipple with a slot


Daytime: jumpsuit suitable for playing.

Night: gown suitable for changing diapers.

Cleaning supplies

Baby bathtub: You can use the baby bathtub to clean your baby without worrying about safety.

Diapers: Comfortable diapers are suitable for protecting a baby's tender skin.


Crib: Let your baby enjoy high-quality sleep.

Pacifier: it can meet the baby's chewing needs in the oral stage and ensure the baby's quality sleep.


Mummy bag: suitable for orderly and classified storage of baby supplies

Needs Vs. Wants for Your Newborn Baby

How Many Bags Do You Need For Labor And Delivery?

You need to prepare two bags when you are about to give birth: one for before delivery and one for after delivery.

Bag before delivery:

You will take this bag to the hospital to welcome your baby's birth with the following items:

  • Two loose and comfortable nightdresses or large T-shirts

  • Sanitary products, sanitary napkins, roll paper

  • Toiletries, toothbrush, towel, washbasin, etc

  • Food to replenish energy: chocolate, drinks, snacks, etc

Bag after delivery:

You will stay in the hospital for a few days before taking your baby home. You can put these into the bag and take them home:

  • Breastfeeding bra

  • Anti overflow pad for absorbing leaked breast milk

  • Two milk bottles, one for water and one for milk

  • Diapers, a necessity for babies

  • Wet wipes: used for choking milk and wiping baby's stool, no fragrance is preferred

  • A few baby's clothes, hats, socks, etc

How Many Bags Do You Need For Labor And Delivery?

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yoboo ensures the safety and health of every baby and mother. The raw materials of the products are selected from BASF PPSU in Germany, and have SGS, FDA, ROHS, CE, ISO and other testing certifications.