Quality Safety

Quality Safety

Yoboo's milk pump, newborn bottle, dining chair, and other products have been recognized by many mothers once they were launched. We select high-quality raw materials from all over the world to ensure the quality and safety of each product and protect the healthy growth of babies with ingenuity.

yoboo was established in 2009 in Japan, and I invited my friend Kobayashi Kana, who is a human factors engineer, to jointly develop it. As professional women in their respective fields, and as mothers...

Quality Safety

Peace of Mind

yoboo looks at quality standards from the customer's point of view, and strictly uses raw materials that have been confirmed as safe in the product development stage.

For all raw materials such as BASF PPSU material, food-grade silicone and other raw materials used in products, we strictly implement the evaluation method of international public standards, conduct safety tests and objective evaluations in external institutions to ensure that.

The material is scientifically hygienic and safe. The quality of the yobo brand has been certified by FDA, CE, ISO, CCC, and FCC, and is trustworthy.

In addition, in order to ensure the safety of every baby and mother, we have established our own strict quality control standards in addition to the official standards and implemented the same 100 % quality control standards in all factories and in transit.

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Good Manufacturing

yoboo focuses on breast milk research-and from this has developed cutting-edge breast pump technology. We insist on cooperating and guiding yobo with experienced medical experts, from research and development to testing, and consistently adhere to the research on infant development in Japan.

The center cooperates and seeks to establish a cooperative relationship between universities, hospitals and research institutions around the world to effectively undertake breastfeeding, consider every detail for the development of babies' physiology and psychology, and improve the quality of life for mothers.

Reserch Shows

yoboo collects scientific research results and continuously creates technological breakthroughs to improve the comfort and effe-ctiveness of breastfeeding.

  • yoboo cyclone lactation Spiral Flow technology to improve pumping efficiency and comfort.

The bell mouth of the breast pump massages the breast in a cyclone from the upper wall of the breast, and massages the breast at multiple points synchronously for a few seconds, and then transfers to the next multi-point, thereby increasing the number of milk reflections, increasing milk production and conditioning breast health.

  • The integrated fresh-keeping technology saves the pouring process compared to traditional breast pumps, effectively stores fresh and cherishes every drop of breast milk.

  • BPA-free, all parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA-free, safe and secure.