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yoboo was established in 2009 in Japan, and I invited my friend Kobayashi Kana, who is a human factors engineer, to jointly develop it. As professional women in their respective fields, and as mothers who need to balance family and career, we have created a mother and baby brand exclusively for working mothers in the new era. We are not only committed to promoting advanced breastfeeding, advocating advanced medical infant feeding concepts, intelligently optimizing the feeding process, but also solving feeding problems for more working mothers and strengthening the development of babies.

In the concept of professional medical infant feeding that has accumulated for more than ten years, yobo has developed from a small Japanese company to a professional nursing brand trusted by millions of Asian mothers, truly making mothers easier and babies healthier.

I believe that yobo will become the most trusted and warm Japanese mother and baby brand for babies and families around the world.

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yoboo ensures the safety and health of every baby and mother. The raw materials of the products are selected from BASF PPSU in Germany, and have SGS, FDA, ROHS, CE, ISO and other testing certifications.

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