How Often Should You Replace a Silicone Pacifier?

Jun 08,2022

Many newborns and infants use pacifiers to help them drink water and milk powder. The largest amount of pacifier usage is during the 1 to 3 months period. Many pacifiers now are made of silicone, but will they be affected by prolonged use? The following article introduces how long to change silicone soothers and how to choose suitable ones.

How Often to Change

Silicone soothers are recommended to be changed every 3 months. If using latex, replace every 2 months. For the most part, if pacifier color darkens and becomes sticky in 2 to 3 months, it means the rubber has aged and needs to be replaced immediately.

Tips for Picking the Right Silicone Pacifier

The hole in the silicone soother should match the child's age. There are many kinds of holes sizes for pacifiers, which are related to the flow rate of milk. A small round hole has a slow flow rate, a medium round hole has a medium flow rate, a large round hole has a high flow rate, and there is also a cross-hole, which has the highest flow rate. Round-hole pacifiers are suitable for babies aged 1 to 3 months, as milk can automatically flow out with slightly reduced flow rate. Cross-hole pacifiers are suitable for children over 3 months of age, as they can adjust the milk flow according to the sucking strength.

Younger children should choose smaller holes to prevent choking. Older children can use larger holes once their sucking ability increases. If you want to check whether your pacifier hole is the right size, add water to the bottle and see the water flow rate. In general, the right-sized hole drips water.

Additionally, when choosing products, always buy from reputable stores and pay attention to the manufacturer's logo and instructions.

Silicone Pacifier is Made of High-Quality Silicone

Silicone soothers are resistant to temperature changes and can be boiled. They are smooth, transparent, and tasteless. These are the important characteristics of silicone soothers. However, using the silicone soother requires attention to safety issues because their elasticity is not as good as latex. If the surface becomes damaged, it is easy to tear. Silicone is fragile, so if it shows any signs of aging such as dark lines, scratches, teeth marks, or small holes, it must be replaced immediately. Silicone soothers are usually colorless and transparent.

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