The Benefits of Silicone Soothers and Their Precautions

Feb 06,2023

During the stage of mouth desire when the baby explores the world, even if the baby is not given a soother, he/she will suck fingers, toys, etc. This is the oral phase for the baby to explore the world. At this time, the baby's freshness to the soother is limited. After "getting acquainted" with it, they will throw it aside, and then go to other toys.


Many parents will think that "it's useless" and "the child doesn't need it". In fact, the child only knows that this is a "silicone taste" toy, and does not realize that the silicone soother is specially prepared for him to relax.


After many times of "running-in", whenever the baby is insecure, unable to relax, and has difficulty falling asleep, he is accompanied by a soother for newborn products, and he will recognize and accept it.


1. The benefits of using silicone soothers


(1) When the baby needs to be quiet, such as during physical examination, photography, blood drawing, etc., you can use a silicone soother to distract the baby.


(2) When the baby is in a bad mood, the silicone soother can relieve the baby's mood.


(3) If you hope that the baby will fall asleep on his own, when he does not sleep without milk, you can give him a silicone soother.


(4) The soother for newborn products can reduce the risk of sudden death syndrome in babies at bedtime and during naps.


(5) Silicone pacifiers can reduce your baby's discomfort on an airplane, as well as those who suffer from seasickness or motion sickness.


(6) The silicone soother helps the baby to control his emotions independently.


2. Precautions for silicone soothers


(1) Although the soother can make the baby emotionally stable, don't take the silicone soother as the only life-saving straw. After all, its function is far inferior to the mother's comfort and embrace.


(2) The size of the silicone soother should be selected according to the baby's age and it should be replaced regularly.


(3) Buying a one-piece silicone soother can not only prevent the risk of parts falling off, but also facilitate boiling and disinfection.


(4) The silicone soother must be sterilized frequently. Before baby is 6 month old, the silicone soother should be sterilized at least 2 to 3 times a week. High temperature disinfection is the safest way.


(5) Do not tie the silicone soother with other toys. The silicone soother chain is used to connect with the baby's clothes or stroller.


(6) If the child does not like to use silicone soothers, do not give him sugar-flavored or other flavored silicone soothers. It may be that the time is not right. For example, the baby is having a good time and does not need to be comforted.


(7) Abandoning the silicone soother for newborn products requires the mother's guidance just like weaning, but it is not forced to be completed in one day. The psychological process is very important.

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