Can Breast Storage Milk Bags Be Reused?

Oct 23,2023

Breast storage milk bags are essential milk storage supplies for many new mothers. After all, it is convenient to use in special situations. However, if you frequently use breast storage milk bags, the cost can become high. So, some new mothers may ask if breast storage milk bags can be reused. Since breast storage milk bags are designed to be disposable, it is best for new mothers not to reuse them to store milk. After all, they need to be cleaned and sterilized after each use. However, milk storage pouches cannot be sterilized at high temperatures, making the sterilization process difficult.

However, milk storage pouches can be cleaned and used to store dried goods such as mushrooms and beans. After all, they have good sealing properties, and this type of dried goods only needs to be sealed for storage. Next, the breastmilk bag supplier will introduce some tips on using milk storage pouches to help babies and new mothers adapt to the days of storing and feeding milk early on, while avoiding common mistakes.

Reasonably arrange the time to use breast storage milk bags

1-2 weeks before the new mother starts working, start giving the baby psychological "vaccination", adjust and arrange the baby's breastfeeding time according to the new mother's work schedule, and give the baby an adaptation process. If the workplace is close to home, you can feed the baby before going to work, feed the baby once during lunch break at home, feed the baby again after work, plus several times of night feeding, which can basically meet the baby's needs. If the workplace is far from home, you can express breast milk in advance and store it, asking family members to feed the baby 1-2 times, and feed the baby when you get home at night.

The specific usage of breast storage milk bags is as follows:

1. Extend along the fold line at the upper end of the zipper seal.

2. Open the zipper seal, open the entrance part, and carefully pour in the breast milk. After pouring in the breast milk and squeezing out the air inside the bag, seal the two layers of zipper seal one by one.

3. When using breast milk, invert the breast storage milk bag with breast milk, cut along the dotted line of the seal, control the amount of breast milk stored to less than 180ml, and pour the breast milk into the bottle. At the same time, be careful when tearing the curved line and use sterilized scissors to handle it.

Storage of breast storage milk bags

Leave some space in the container for storing breast milk, do not fill it too full or close the lid tightly, to prevent the container from freezing and expanding. It is best to divide the breast milk into small portions (60-120ml) for freezing or refrigeration, which is convenient for family members or nannies to feed according to the baby's appetite, and will not waste milk. Labels should be affixed and dates should be recorded.

If you want to feed the baby stored milk, you can first store it in the refrigerator's refrigeration room (2-4℃) for 24 hours, or rinse the sealed bag with cold water for preliminary thawing. When the baby needs to drink, thaw and warm the breast milk with water at 38-39℃. Note: Do not thaw with hot water or microwave, as this will destroy the nutrients in breast milk. After thawing, pour the breast milk directly into the bottle to feed the baby. Thawed breast milk must be consumed within 24 hours and should not be refrozen. It is best not to feed the baby with leftover milk. The length of time for storage depends on the specific situation. In summer, milk will spoil after about 2 hours at room temperature.

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