Which Milk Storage Equipment is Better? Milk Bottles or Milk Storage Pouches?

Oct 26,2023

If working moms need to pump milk, they need to use breast storage milk bags or bottles. But before they come into contact with these two types, moms will be more confused, how to choose the feeding product of the milk storage container? Which is better, breast storage milk bags or bottles?

The concept of breastfeeding storage container feeding products

Milk storage bottles are mainly divided into two types, one is glass milk storage bottles, and the other is PP translucent plastic bottles. Milk storage bottles are convenient, practical, and hygienic products. They can be reused after cleaning and disinfection. They have good sealing performance, which is not easy to cause milk spoilage or leakage, and does not contain bisphenol A (BPA).

Breast storage milk bags are used to store milk. The main component of the breast storage milk bag is polyethylene (PE), which is a kind of plastic and belongs to food-grade material. The product is lightweight and convenient. Some products also add PET to improve its barrier performance. PE, PET, and other materials themselves are non-toxic, and it mainly depends on whether the additives are safe. Breast storage milk bags are consumables and need to be discarded after one-time use, so the cost is higher.

The difference between breast storage milk bags and bottles as feeding products

Breast storage milk bags

Advantages: milk storage pouches are convenient to use, without the tedious tasks of cleaning and disinfection. You can directly put them in a milk warmer to heat and pour them into bottles. Convenient and lightweight, they can be discarded after one-time use, saving the trouble of disinfection. However, don't think that milk storage pouches are just for satisfying the needs of lazy new moms. In fact, they can compensate for the shortcomings of milk storage bottles.

When you need to freeze breast milk for a long time, using milk storage bottles can easily damage the bottles, but using milk storage pouches will not. Moreover, milk storage pouches generally have temperature display function, which will show when heated to the appropriate temperature. This can avoid the risk of temperature being too high and affecting the quality of milk.

Directly heating the breast storage milk bag with boiling water or microwave will destroy the nutrients and quality of breast milk. It is not feasible to directly heat the breast storage milk bag. However, we can slowly heat the breast storage milk bag, as long as we know how to follow the proper thawing and heating steps, we don't have to worry about affecting the quality of breast milk. We can place the breast storage milk bag in the refrigerator's refrigerated compartment (2-4°C) for about 24 hours, or rinse the sealed bag with cold water for preliminary thawing. When the baby needs to drink, use 38-39°C warm water to thaw and warm the breast milk.

Milk storage bottles

Advantages: The biggest advantage of milk storage bottles is that they can store breast milk repeatedly. They can be sterilized in time after use, which is hygienic and practical. At the same time, most milk storage bottles can be directly used on breast pumps, while some may need adapters; some bottles can be directly attached to the nipple for feeding, which is more convenient. They have more functions. In addition to being used for pumping milk, they can also be used to store formula and other foods. In order to avoid breaking the bottles, it is best for new moms to choose milk storage bottles that are durable and lightweight.

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