How to Use the Breast Milk Storage Bags Correctly?

Jan 01,2023

In this day and age, it is very demanding for women. They have to give birth to babies and take care of their families, and they have to work to earn money. Many mothers still have to continue to work after giving birth. For women who are breastfeeding, if they are busy at work, breastfeeding becomes a problem that scratches their heads. Some mothers like to use metal products to store breast milk, but in this way, the active factor inside breast milk is easily attached to the metal, so we recommend mothers to choose dedicated breast milk storage bags feeding products!

1. About the heating of breast milk storage bags

The method of heating the breast milk storage bags is also relatively simple. Do not heat it directly to avoid nutrient loss. You can put the breast milk storage bags in slightly hot water, so that it can be eaten by the baby after heating.

2. About thawing breast milk storage bags

When thawing frozen breast milk, the sealed bag should be rinsed with cold water first, and then gradually add hot water until the breast milk is completely thawed and raised to a temperature suitable for feeding, or placed in the refrigerator to slowly thaw and defrost. In order not to destroy the nutrients in breast milk, do not heat breast milk directly with a stove or microwave. After thawing to a suitable temperature, pour it directly into the bottle and feed your baby. But note that thawed breast milk must be eaten within 24 hours and cannot be refrozen.

3. If you choose to store breast milk storage bags, you need to pay attention to the following points

(1) Choose the right size container. When storing milk and buying containers, you can choose according to the amount of food your baby eats. The amount is too much to eat and waste, and easy to breed bacteria for the next time, and the amount is too little, one is not enough to eat, and two is not enough.

(2) Hygiene. The baby's gastrointestinal tract is very fragile. First, mothers should wash their hands carefully before milking. If you use a breast pump, you should also wash the breast pump, first rinse it with water, and then scald it with hot water, so that the baby can eat cleanly and hygienically.

(3) Do not overfill the milk. Because the milk will expand when cold, it is easy to burst.

(4) Stored by date. While paying attention to the shelf life, mothers can also indicate the date of milking on each bag of breast milk, which can be accurate to the morning or afternoon, and the most recent breast milk is placed in the innermost.

In fact, breast milk storage bags are disposable milk storage products, because the molecules of plastic itself can move, and its range of motion is large, so that things will stick to it, and these things may undergo qualitative changes; plastic products cannot be completely cleaned, and repeated use will increase the safety risk. Therefore, breast milk storage bags are only disposable milk storage products and cannot be used repeatedly. 

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