By cherishing each drip of breast milk, with Japans advanced medical parenting concept. We can solve more problems of feeding and development of babies.

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Yoboo ensures the safety and health of every baby and mother. The raw materials of the products are selected from BASF PPSU in Germany, and have SGS, FDA, ROHS, CE, ISO and other testing certifications.

Japan Spiral FlowTM

Lactation technology of Spiral-flow in Japan
The bell mouth of the breast pump massages the breast in a cyclone from the upper wall of the breast, and massages the breast at multiple points synchronously for a few seconds, and then transfers to the next multi-point, thereby increasing the number of milk reflections, increasing milk production and conditioning breast health.
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How to easily pump breast milk

When mothers use breast pumps, they no longer have to worry about the breast milk being repeatedly dumped during storage and use, resulting in breast milk contamination.

Can tight diapers cause allergies?

Diapers that are too tight can also cause allergies.

It is recommended that parents put their diapers on their backs slightly higher than their abdomens to prevent urine from seeping out of their backs. When the baby wears diapers, if the marking on the glue is the criterion, fix the left and right sides first, and then remember to adjust the hem of the waist and legs. This will not only prevent the leakage of urine, but also prevent the frills from scratching the baby's delicate skin.

Why change diapers in time?
Precautions for baby diaper allergies

You can find answers here immediately once you have doubts on whether Yoboo products are safe and reliable, those difficulties during use of breast pump and how to correctly use breast milk storage bag.

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Yoboo officially announced Dianne Medina as the spokesperson
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