Medical feeding

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By cherishing each drip of breast milk,with Japan's advanced medical parenting concept We can solve more problems of feeding and development of babies."
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Method of Easily Pumping Milk with Breast Pump
With the breast pump, mothers no longer need to worry about repeated dumping of the sucked breast milk during storage and use, which will lead to breast milk contamination.
yoboo launched its new Unscented Baby Wipes on the Philippine e-commerce platform
Recently, yoboo, a medical feeding maternal and child brand, launched its new Unscented Baby Wipes on the Philippine e-commerce platform. The product cleanses the baby's skin, keeps hands and mouth clean, and moisturizes the skin. yoboo takes professionalism and warmth as the essence of demand and takes love as the driving force.
yoboo rewards customers with even greater savings in the 2.2 Free Shipping Sale
The "2.2 Free Shipping Sale" has just begun. From late January to February 23, babies and moms can be surprised at the yoboo store through a variety of activities such as Follow & Win, Share & Win, Cashback, discounts, and platform coupons. The event incorporates several practical feeding knowledge points proposed by yoboo.
yoboo continues to promote the globalisation of scientific breastfeeding
The 1.1 new year sale came as expected. At its previous end-of-year market conference about Southeast Asia, yoboo proposed to vigorously promote the globalisation of scientific breastfeeding, improve product quality, strengthen brand building and construct a new pattern of development. yoboo, the medical breastfeeding maternal and child brand, is meeting the Philippine people's expectations for a better life with its high quality and sophisticated design.