How to Free Yourself as a Working New Mom? Introducing You to an Electric Breast Pump

Dec 21,2023

Many female friends, who not only have a rich life, love food, travel, and movies, but also cherish their families and friends. They are also very hardworking and excellent in their work, and they return to work after maternity leave. Compared with full-time mothers, they not only work hard, but also worry about how to feed their babies. Breast milk is the best food for babies, and direct breastfeeding is the best way to feed them. However, many work environments do not allow mothers to bring their babies to work. What should they do if the baby is crying hungry at home? Moreover, some mothers may have mastitis or other reasons for medication, and they need to suspend for a few days. Therefore, for them, a convenient electric breast milk pump is essential.

Benefits of an electric breast milk pump

Some breastfeeding mothers have too much milk production, but the baby is full and the milk gets blocked inside, causing chest tightness and pain! If not handled in time, it can even lead to mastitis. This pain can even rank after giving birth. So, can't you just apply hot compress massage to squeeze it out? Squeezing can squeeze out a little, but after all, it is not a cow. It takes a lot of effort to squeeze just a little, and most of it is still blocked in the chest. Moreover, the mouth of a newborn baby has relatively weak suction, so even if they suck for a long time, they may not be able to suck out the milk, and the restless little baby can cry impatiently on the spot. Therefore, a breast pump that is stronger than the baby's sucking power can help with initial milk extraction and relieve engorgement. At the same time, if mothers feel that their milk supply is inadequate, they can also use an intelligent electric breast milk pump to regularly stimulate milk production. Of course, for mothers who need to work, the most important thing is milk storage, so that the baby won't go hungry at home.

An electric breast milk pump cannot replace direct breastfeeding

Although a breast pump has many benefits, if you often use a breast pump to extract milk and then let the baby feed from a bottle, the baby will lose interest in the mother's breast. In addition, the breast pump and bottle need to be cleaned and sterilized properly after each use, which is a bit troublesome for busy families. Once breast milk is extracted, there is a possibility of contamination. If the design of the breast pump is not good, it can also cause pain for the mother.

Choose a manual or electric breast milk pump?

When buying a car, everyone considers whether to buy a manual or automatic transmission. Manual transmission is cheaper, while automatic transmission is more convenient. The same goes for breast pumps, which can be manual or electric, and there are also single-sided and double-sided breast pumps. Whether it is a manual or automatic breast pump, the fundamental physical principle of milk extraction is suction, which imitates the baby's sucking. However, in an automatic breast pump, the driving force is provided by a motor and machine, while in a manual device, it relies on the mother's hand strength to squeeze.

Manual breast pumps are cheap, do not require additional power, can be used anytime and anywhere, have fewer accessories and are easy to clean, but they are tiring to use and cannot maintain a constant frequency and strength, which can cause uneven milk production. Automatic breast pumps are simple to operate, easy to use, and allow easy control of suction strength and rhythm, but they are slightly more expensive and make noise. For working mothers, who are already tired from work, it is better to choose an electric breast milk pump to free up their hands. If you are a full-time mother and can produce milk steadily, an economical and practical manual breast pump is a good choice.

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