Correct Use of "Comfort Silicone Pacifier"

Nov 03,2023

Comforting silicone nipples are a substitute for a mother's nipple. The use of silicone soothers has always been controversial. Some people believe that silicone soothers can affect a baby's teeth, hinder the child's language learning, and create dependence. Others believe that silicone pacifiers can help babies fall asleep, reduce crying, and prevent them from biting their fingers, etc. So, should we use silicone pacifiers or not? What should be paid attention to when using them?

The advantages of using silicone soothers outweigh the disadvantages

Good and bad are not absolute. In fact, silicone soothers have been used for many years and have been recognized by many medical experts and families. The advantages of silicone pacifiers are worth affirming. As for the possible adverse consequences of using it, it is mainly related to improper use. If used reasonably and correctly, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Six precautions for using silicone soothers

Avoid prolonged use. It is best to say goodbye to silicone soothers before the child turns 2 years old. The older the child gets, the greater the dependency and the harder it is to quit.

Take it off immediately after the baby falls asleep. Sucking on a pacifier while sleeping can affect the development of the baby's teeth and breathing.

Don't tie a string to the pacifier. If the string is too long, it may wrap around the child's neck or arm, causing accidents.

Pay attention to cleaning. After each use, clean it with boiling water. Use baby-specific cleanser to clean it once every 3 days. If the pacifier comes into contact with dirty things or falls on the ground, clean it immediately.

Replace it frequently. If there are cracks, small holes, or incomplete parts, replace it in a timely manner. Generally, replace it every 2 months. If the child sucks with great force, it needs to be replaced more frequently.

Stop using if the child keeps biting the pacifier. If the child loves to bite the pacifier, it may be teething. Consider letting the child use a teething toy. This can also prevent the child from biting off and swallowing the pacifier, causing serious consequences.

Principles for choosing silicone soothers

Choose a infant pacifier with good elasticity and a soft and durable material. Also, pay attention to the pacifier's rim, it should not have any sharp edges to avoid scratching the mouth. It is best if the pacifier is delicate like a mother's nipple or a bottle nipple, so that it can better fit the baby's mouth and promote the development of the baby's oral and facial muscles. It is best to choose a pacifier with a one-piece design to prevent detachment and accidental ingestion. When choosing, let the baby try it personally and select a silicone pacifier that the baby likes and feels comfortable with. Choose products that meet national safety inspection standards.

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