Right Ways to Detect the Quality of Baby Wipes

Mar 23,2022

Living habits and sanitary situation have changed with the times, and many young people are paying more and more attention to them. Wet wipes for newborn are often used to clean up stains for babies.

However, because the baby's age is small and the skin is delicate, the wet wipes for newborn selected need to be qualified. Today, We will tell you about the correct testing method for the quality of infant wipes.

1. Test the wear resistance of wet wipes for newborn

Take a piece of newborn wipe and wipe it on the flat surface for dozens of times, and then compare the fluffing on the surface of the newborn wipe. The quality of the infant wipe with less fluff or no fluff is better. yoboo, as a famous wet wipes brand, adopts pearl cross-textured spunlace non-woven fabric, which solves the problem of fluff and wear resistance to the greatest extent.

2. Test the moisturizing degree of wet wipes for newborn

Wipe the back of the hand with an infant wipe, and then observe the humidity of the back of the hand after 5 minutes and 30 minutes.

3. Test the pH of wet wipes for newborn

The easiest way to test the pH of wet wipes for newborn is to use pH test paper. Put on a clean plastic glove, soak the test paper with liquid, and then compare the color of the test paper to determine the pH of the infant wipes. Generally, weakly acidic yoboo alcohol-free wet wipes are relatively more beneficial to babies.

The testing method for the quality of wet wipes for newborn can be carried out by testing the three aspects of wear resistance, moisturizing degree and PH value. We hope all mothers can understand the testing skills.

When choosing infant wipes, pay more attention to its composition, sealing, material smell and moisturizing effect.

4. What are the high-quality wet wipes for newborn like?

As we all know, babies are very playful, often crawling on the ground, or restless when eating, and then rice grains and vegetables are all on their body and face. At this time, if you use a traditional paper towel to wipe your baby's skin, it must be very harmful to the delicate skin.

So now mothers are using wipes on newborns to wipe the baby's skin. We all know that wet wipes for newborn have a great effect, which not only will not damage the baby's skin, but also bring convenience to mothers.

But not all infant wipes are guaranteed. Let's take a look at what best wet wipes for newborn are.

The ingredients and materials can be said to be the "soul" of wet wipes for newborn. If the ingredients of infant wipes are not safe enough and the material is not soft enough, it is easy to cause skin allergies when baby's delicate skin is wiped by it.

No matter how cute the shape is, how good the smell is, and how thorough the cleaning effect is, wet wipes for newborn that do not damage the skin while cleaning the skin are good products, so the ingredients and materials of infant wipes largely determine whether the wet wipe for newborn is worth buying.

In addition, the bacteriostatic effect of infant wipes is also important. For children who like to play and be naughty, the antibacterial ingredients in infant wipes can bring a layer of protection to the baby, effectively reducing the probability of the child being infected with bacteria and getting sick.

If an infant wipe does not have bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects, what is the difference between it and a wet tissue? Finally, don't ignore the brand of wet wipes for newborn. Big brand wet wipes for newborn are better in terms of ingredient safety and technological manufacturing.

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