What Are the Differences Between Silicone Pacifiers and Latex Pacifiers?

Apr 01,2022

Some mothers may have insufficient breast milk and need to use a bottle to feed their baby. However, one question arises: which is better for the bottle soother, silicone or latex? Scientific studies show that silicone soothers are far superior to latex soothers. Here is a brief introduction to the characteristics of silicone soother and latex soother, as well as a comparison between the two.

Safety and no odor of silicone pacifier

Silicone soothers are made of food-grade silicone, which is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, heat-resistant, and cold-resistant. It does not contain bisphenol A and is harmless, which can replace traditional latex soothers. The silicone soothers are resistant to high temperature and can withstand any sterilization method without deformation. The silicone bottles are heat-resistant, and, for example, yoboo's soother does not release harmful substances even after long-term high-temperature sterilization. It does not produce any plastic-like odor.

Differences between silicone pacifier and latex pacifier

Previously, soothers were mostly made of latex, but there are now more and more soothers made of silicone. Latex soothers tend to stick together when heated and may become sticky. They have a rubbery taste after boiling. Silicone soothers do not have these problems, which means that silicone soothers can be boiled in boiling water to achieve disinfection and sterilization.

Latex soothers are softer than silicone soothers. Latex soothers will become hard after being placed for a long time, and even crack. Silicone soothers do not have this problem. Silicone soother can operate normally in a wide range of temperature conditions, even in environments dozens of degrees below zero, while latex soothers become brittle. Silicone soothers are less toxic than latex soothers.

Silicone soother is more durable than latex soother. Latex soother generally needs to be replaced with new ones after 2-3 months, while silicone soother can be used for a long time. However, latex soother is not useless; it is softer and more similar to a mother's soother, making it easier for babies to accept. In addition, latex soother is much cheaper than silicone soother and have been scientifically proven to be harmless to babies.

Therefore, silicone soothers and latex soothers have their own advantages. It mainly depends on which one your baby can accept better and which characteristic you value more. If you are a mother who cares about hygiene, it is recommended to choose silicone soother because silicone soother can be boiled at will to achieve disinfection. If your baby prefers a softer soother, then a latex soother is also a good choice.

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