yoboo rewards customers with even greater savings in the 2.2 Free Shipping Sale

Feb 17,2022

The "2.2 Free Shipping Sale" has just begun. From late January to February 23, babies and moms can be surprised at the yoboo store through a variety of activities such as Follow & Win, Share & Win, Cashback, discounts, and platform coupons. The event incorporates several practical feeding knowledge points proposed by yoboo. As a medical feeding maternal and baby brand, yoboo solves feeding problems for more working mothers and strengthens the baby's growth and development, making breastfeeding easier for mothers and healthier for babies.

Welfare more: multiple benefits wonderful non-stop

This time, the "2.2 Free Shipping Sale" promotion is more preferential, with a strong lineup of products participating in the promotion and a more subdivided package of products, combining great pricing and flexible redemption. For the colorful activities, different levels of coupons and gifts are provided, covering different categories of products, ensuring that customers can easily win offers and gifts while unlocking more exciting feeding experiences.

Yoboo Rewards Customers With Even Greater Savings In The 2.2 Free Shipping Sale

yoboo 2.2 Free Shipping Sale

Publicity is better: precise broadening of marketing channels

What's worth mentioning is that yoboo has taken the initiative to link up various media channels to achieve wider distribution,  taking some promotional photos for the sale and placing them on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms,  so that customers can accurately receive the promotional selling points of the sale while browsing, thus attracting customers to search for brand and sale information and creating more repurchase opportunities.

Through this cross-over linkage, yoboo will combine the traffic advantages of each platform to maximize cross-platform user penetration and achieve accurate customer conversion, which will lead to greater sales increment. The cross-over linkage will not only bring more exposure to the brand and its products, but also help the e-commerce platform to introduce more online traffic, create omnichannel customer acquisition, accumulate customers, and achieve customer expansion, repurchase and increase revenue. In the future, yoboo will also bring more personalized product choices for members and new customers based on users' insight into the diversified needs of mothers and babies, and provide interesting activities and exquisite gifts to explore the beauty of breastfeeding.

This article is based on the comprehensive collation of yoboo e-commerce platform activities, discount prices and product specifications, please refer to the actual activities in the store.

yoboo cherishes every drop of breast milk.

Source: yoboo

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