What if Your Baby Doesn't Like to Drink Milk from a Bottle?

Mar 22,2022

A feeding bottle is a device used to hold milk. It is generally used for babies. The feeding bottle itself does not contain a nipple, but only refers to the body of the bottle. However, manufacturers who produce baby non colic feeding bottles generally give a nipple with the bottle.

Sometimes new mothers cannot let their babies drink breast milk directly because they should work or are taking medicine or baby is weaning. At this time they can just feed the baby through the bottle.

Babies who are breastfed at birth will not be used to being bottle-fed. Children who are not used to the bottle will always resist the bottle and refuse to use the bottle to drink milk. This situation will always make new parents helpless.

1. Common reasons why babies refuse anti colic breastfeeding bottles

(1) The shape of the nipple

Babies are very sensitive after birth. Breastfed babies are accustomed to the touch and breath of the mother's breast. If the baby is suddenly fed with the colic milk bottle, the baby will not be used to it, because the yoboo anti colic and reflux bottles and the mother's breast have two completely different feelings.

(2) The taste of milk powder

It takes a long time for a baby to get used to the same food. The flavor and taste of breast milk and formula milk are very different. If the baby is used to breast milk, it will be difficult for the baby to accept the taste of milk powder, so it will cause the baby to resist using the anti colic milk bottle.

(3) The size of the nipple is not suitable

If the hole of the nipple is too large and the milk flow rate is high, the baby will easily choke on the milk; if the hole of the nipple is too small, the baby will have to work hard to suck, and sometimes the baby will even not be able to drink milk.

These situations make the baby feel very annoyed, so the baby will resist the anti colic breastfeeding bottles.

(4) Improper breastfeeding posture

Incorrect feeding positions or unfamiliar feeding positions will make it more difficult for the baby to drink milk via the bottle, so the baby will not like the bottle more and increase the disgust for the colic milk bottle.

(5) Psychological factors

Babies are very sensitive. Breastfeeding is an intimate behavior that connects mother and child. When baby is drinking milk, mother's nipples and mother's breath will make the baby feel very safe and have a soothing effect on the baby.

If you use a colic reducing bottle for your baby, the baby will feel very unfamiliar, very unaccustomed, and will have an instinctive sense of rejection.

2. How to get your baby to receive an anti colic milk bottle

(1) Patience

It takes at least 7 to 8 uninterrupted attempts for your baby to accept a new food. The baby is very sensitive and can immediately feel the difference between formula and breast milk.

Some babies may have to try more times before they can accept the taste of another food, so parents must be patient and not too anxious.

2 to 3 weeks before the baby is weaned, breast milk and formula can be alternately fed, so that the baby can gradually adapt to it.

(2) Perseverance

When trying, because of instinctive resistance, the baby will cry, refuse to eat and have other conflicting behaviors, but in the face of these behaviors of the baby, parents must be patient and cannot compromise at will. Repeated "compromise" will make it more difficult for the baby to accept the colic milk bottle.

It is best for parents to wait until the baby is hungry before trying the Yoboo feeding bottle, so that the baby is more likely to accept the anti colic and reflux bottle.

(3) Carefulness

Babies have different ages, demands on milk quantities and preferences, so parents should carefully choose nipples of different materials and shapes according to the actual situation of the baby.

After giving it to your baby, watch your baby's reaction carefully to see what your baby likes the most, which will make it easier for your baby to accept the nipple.

(4) Love

When using a nipple for your baby, if the baby is not happy, you should comfort and hug the baby a lot. It is best to adopt a breastfeeding position and let the baby snuggle on the chest, so that the baby will reduce the rejection of the nipple.

For babies who are extremely attached to their mothers, you can try asking the father to feed the baby with a yoboo anti colic breastfeeding bottle, which may be easier for the baby to accept.

Finally, I would like to say to parents and mothers, try not to use a colic reducing bottle for your baby in the following two situations:

(1) When your baby doesn't want to eat: stop trying to use a bottle within 2 to 3 hours after your baby eats.

(2) When the baby cries badly or is sick: if you use a nipple for your baby, accidents such as choking are prone to occur, and the baby will not like the nipple even more.

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