Exploring the path of baby feeding, yoboo Multifunctional Baby High Chair is on shopee's bestselling list

Sep 15,2022

Recently, in the bestselling list released by shopee, yoboo Multifunctional Baby High Chair has won the top spot in the baby dining chairs category with its outstanding design and quality materials, gaining the favour of many families.

2022 is the second year for yoboo to enter the Southeast Asian market and a key point for yoboo to start a new journey of commercialization. yoboo, as a professional milk bottle company, is always looking at quality standards from the customer's point of view and strictly understands the "background" of quality control. yoboo aims to become "the most trusted and warmest Japanese maternal and child brand for babies and families in the world".

Excellent quality, warm service, strength to win awards

As a famous e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, shopee has a great market share in the cross-border e-commerce field. In this shopee bestselling list, yoboo has successfully won the dining chair category with its excellent quality and quality service. With 3000+ sales, 1600+ positive reviews and a positive score of 4.9, all these figures are showing the trust and love of Southeast Asian mothers for yoboo products. The removable dining board allows the chair to combine the functions of dining and playing, and the removable legs allow the table to be placed at different heights. Safe, sturdy, easy-to-clean materials and rounded corners make the yoboo dining chair both practical and comfortable. Dining chairs are playing an increasing role in feeding babies and the yoboo Multifunctional Baby High Chair will certainly meet the expectations of many families.

Overcoming difficulties and striving for a better future

Through years of research and development, yoboo's product line has been enriched and improved, and the constant improvement in technology has made yoboo even more competitive. At a time when the epidemic and the international situation are changing, the Multifunctional Baby High Chair has won the hearts of many families and reinforced yoboo's commitment to quality. Constantly raising the standard of materials and production technology is what keeps yoboo alive and competitive. Just in time for summer, the Multifunctional Baby High Chair-Flex, an updated version of the yoboo dining chair YB-0015, will be available for purchase to everyone. It has four retractable legs and is available in a new colour scheme.

With the mission to help mothers solve feeding problems and promote baby's growth, yoboo actively promotes technological innovation and breakthroughs in the field of mother and baby, contributing to the long-term development of the mother and baby business in Southeast Asia. In the future, yoboo will continue to focus on breastfeeding and scientific feeding, promote baby health, advocate advanced medical feeding concepts, intelligently optimise the feeding process, and better meet the personalised and diverse needs of mothers in Southeast Asia.

yoboo cherishes every drop of breast milk.

Resource from: https://en.prnasia.com/releases/apac/exploring-the-path-of-baby-feeding-yoboo-multifunctional-baby-high-chair-is-on-shopee-s-bestselling-list-355939.shtml

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