How to Breastfeed as a New Mother?

Sep 26,2022

New mothers don't know much about breastfeeding, and often do bad things with good intentions. In order not to let more new mothers miss the best time for smooth breastfeeding, today we specially asked a professional breastfeeding instructor to give you a class on how to breastfeed smoothly. 

1. Breastfeed your baby within an hour after delivery

Breastfeeding your baby within one hour after giving birth is to stimulate the secretion of prolactin through the baby's sucking nipple, increase the amount of milk, and at the same time prevent breast diseases such as duct blockage and acute mastitis.

The sucking of the newborn can prolong the breastfeeding period and promote the physical recovery of the mother. At the same time, the newborn can also promote the excretion of meconium as soon as possible by sucking breast milk.

2. When the milk is insufficient, you can use the anti-colic bottle to properly feed the milk powder

The first few days of pregnancy will be more difficult for pregnant mothers, because the number of breastfeeding is more, generally three days after the birth of the fetus, the mother's milk volume and the fetal demand will gradually reach a balance.

However, if the mother's milk is insufficient, it is appropriate to replace it with milk powder, but it is necessary to observe the color of the baby's meconium, the amount of meconium, etc.

If you find that your baby's urination and defecation have decreased and her weight has decreased, it may have reached the indications for feeding milk and can be replaced with milk powder, but you should use a yoboo anti colic bottle to feed a little bit when feeding.

3. Pregnant mothers can use electric breast pump to complete milking work

If the fetus does not have the ability to suck, the pregnant mother can complete the work of expressing milk with the help of some equipment, such as an electric breast pump with massage.

If the qualified family recommends recuperation in a professional confinement center, the nurse will help the pregnant mother to express excess milk to prevent blockage.

4. Avoid taking medicines while breastfeeding

Strictly speaking, during breastfeeding, mothers do not take medicines, because most medicines will enter breast milk in small amounts, and we cannot guarantee that the ingredients of medicines will not affect the growth of the fetus.

If the mother has to take medicine for physical reasons, it is best to choose medicines that do not affect breastfeeding and use sulfa drugs as little as possible.

If it is a common disease, such as a cold, the mother can continue to use breast milk, but when breastfeeding, wear a mask and do not breathe on the baby, and drink more water every day, so that the cold can be cured sooner.

Pregnancy diet has a lot to do with the quality of breast milk. Pregnant women should eat light and nutritious foods during breastfeeding, eat more vegetables and fruits, improve the quality of milk, and make the baby's body healthier and grow up happily.

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