Advantages of Breast Feeding

Nov 01,2021

Why is breast feeding promoted all over the world? First of all, we must admit that breast milk has natural advantages for both babies and mothers.

Advantages for babies:

1. Providing a wealth of immunoglobulins

The immunoglobulin contained in breast milk is a "treasure" produced by the mother in the process of fighting various viruses and bacteria before giving birth to a baby.  After the baby is born, the mother passes the "treasure" to the baby through breast milk.

Advantages of Breast Feeding

In addition, the incidence of some diseases of breastfed babies is lower than that of formula-fed babies, such as otitis media, allergies, pneumonia, asthma, meningitis, diabetes and obesity.

2. Providing the opportunity of non-sterile feeding

The intestinal system is called the "second brain", and the intestinal health is closely related to our physical health. If we say that the vaginal delivery is "the first exposure of babies to bacteria", then the breastfeeding, as a non-sterile feeding method, is "the second exposure".

3. Providing the perfect nutrition arrangement

Breast milk contains a variety of proteins, minerals, vitamins and fat; although the nutrients are not in the highest content, but they are in the best ratio, the most easily absorbed, the most comprehensive, and also in the most suitable arrangement for babies' growth and development.

Advantages for mothers:

1. Promoting the recovery of the uterus and the body

Most mothers will not only gain weight after giving birth to their babies but also have a large uterus. When breast-feeding, the mother's uterus will contract with every suck of the baby, which can promote the recovery of the uterus.

At the same time, the fat and protein in breast milk are converted from nutrients in the mother's body, so the nursing mother can lose weight significantly as long as she controls her diet a little bit.

2. Preventing breast cancer

Studies have shown that for every additional year of breastfeeding, the risk of breast cancer decreases by 4.3%.

3. Improving mother-child relationship

When a baby snuggling up to his/her mother, the mother will become the only one in his/her world, and that kind of skin-to-skin time will make both the baby and the mother feel happy. This can not only intensify the mother's feeling to her baby and make her want to protect this little doll forever but also let the baby get physical and mental satisfaction.

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