Are You Really Using Your Electric Breast Milk Pump Correctly?

Oct 05,2023

Electric breast milk pump is one of the tools that help mothers deal with breast problems during lactation, as it can save breast milk and maintain milk supply, as well as stimulate milk secretion and increase milk production. Many mothers have little knowledge about electric breast milk pumps before using them, which may lead to some problems and misunderstandings, and in serious cases, even breast injury. What should we pay attention to when using breast pumps?

Correct use of electric breast milk pump

Before using the breast pump, wash your hands and install the accessories according to the product manual to ensure its air-tightness. All accessories should also be cleaned and disinfected to avoid bacterial growth, which may affect the quality of breast milk. Choosing the right size of the "horn" is also important for the use of electric breast milk pumps, as inappropriate size may cause nipple swelling and reduced milk suction. How to choose the right size of the "horn"? --- When using it, the nipple should be able to stretch flexibly in the central channel of the diagram, and the areola should only be slightly pulled; after suction, the nipple can be slightly enlarged but not swollen, the color does not darken, the nipple feels comfortable, and the amount of milk suction increases naturally.

The suction strength of the breast pump should be adjusted appropriately, as excessive suction strength may cause nipple pain. When using breast pumps, the "maximum comfortable suction strength" principle should be adopted --- starting from the minimum suction strength and gradually increasing it until the maximum tolerable strength is reached. The use of both hands to assist with the correct gesture is also important during suctioning, as palms can be used to gather the breast. It is important to keep the breast skin close to the breast pump to maintain occlusion. The lactiferous ducts are distributed in the superficial position of the subcutaneous tissue, so avoid pressing the breast or "horn" with force to affect milk flow. The use of electric breast milk pump should not be too long, as prolonged use may cause nipple or areola injury and pain. The suction time should be adjusted according to the situation of your own breast. "The longer the suction time, the better" is a misconception. In addition, use of breast pumps cannot replace the baby's breastfeeding.

Selection criteria for electric breast milk pump

The selection of a suitable breast pump depends on the frequency you plan to use it and how much time you can spend on pumping. If you work full time and need to take time out of your work to pump milk, you need to use an electric breast milk pump as it can simultaneously suction milk from both breasts. However, if you only occasionally need to pump out some milk so that others can help feed the baby when you are out, a cheap manual breast pump is sufficient. If you often go out or are short of time, a wearable breast pump can be a good choice.

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