Negligible Pains During Breast Feeding

Nov 01,2021

Although breast feeding has some advantages, not every mother in the breastfeeding process is in plain sailing, many nursing mothers will encounter a variety of problems.

The baby cannot get the nipples:

Putting nipples in the baby's mouth to ensure smooth sucking is the first thing the mother (especially for first-born mothers and mothers with crater nipples), the father, nurses, nursing workers and the baby need to work on.

Nipple cracking:

The first week of breast feeding is the "suffering" days of mothers: the mother will go through such a cyclic process of "sucking-cracking-aching" for a period of time! However, if the pain persists during feeding, please make sure that the baby puts the nipple in mouth correctly and the baby does not have a short frenum linguae.


Mastitis caused by bacterial infections is a disease with high incidence during lactation, characterized by hard knots in breasts, which, like the flu, may cause fever.

It makes mothers miserable when they suffer a high incidence of mastitis during the period when they have to pump breastmilk at work and during weaning period.

Negligible Pains During Breast Feeding

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