There Are Many Types of Newborn Wipes, Do You Know How to Choose Them?

Feb 09,2022

1. How to choose newborn wipes?

It is not appropriate to use paper towels, because the material of the paper is relatively rough, and the baby's skin is relatively delicate, which will bring discomfort to the baby.

Newborn wipes are a better choice. If you see thickened spunlace non-woven fabric and pearl cross texture in the ingredient list, it means that it is not only soft, but also has a good cleaning effect, which is very suitable for babies. So, how much do parents know about newborn care products? Let's take a look.

(1) Pay attention to the ingredients of newborn wipes

The ingredients determine the quality of infant wipes. In order to achieve the moisturizing, moisturizing, sterilizing and other effects required by the product, the added ingredients of each brand of newborn wipes are also different, and the ingredients of some inferior brands of newborn wipes will hurt the baby.

Therefore, parents should pay attention to the added ingredients on the product label when choosing. If the label is vague or the ingredients are not suitable, do not buy. Yoboo baby hand and face wipes are rich in aloe vera and vitamin E, which can nourish the skin. In addition, you can also pay attention to some reviews of infant wipes and comments from netizens to obtain information about newborn wipes.

(2) Pay attention to sealing

When purchasing newborn wipes, it is also necessary to look at the packaging sealing of the product. The packaging of bagged wipes should be sealed and free of damage; the packaging of boxed and canned wipes should also be complete and free of damage.

Once the packaging is poorly sealed or damaged, bacteria will penetrate into the newborn wipes, and the effectiveness of the sterilization and disinfection of the newborn wipes will decrease.

In addition, after taking the wet wipes, the sealing strip should be attached immediately to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, which will cause the newborn wipes to dry and affect the use effect.

(3) Pay attention to the feel and smell

Different brands of newborn wipes vary greatly in feel and smell. Some newborn wipes are dense, some are soft, some are fragrant, and some are basically odorless.

It is recommended that mothers choose newborn wipes that are soft and thick, which are not easy to scratch or leave debris; choose unscented newborn wipes, which have fewer ingredients and less irritation to the baby.

2. What are the moisturizing effects of newborn wipes?

(1) Small friction

The baby's skin is delicate, the texture of the infant wipes is relatively soft, and the materials used are generally thin cotton or non-woven fabrics, so they are softer than towels, which can reduce friction and damage to the baby's skin.

(2) Antibacterial effect

Some newborn wipes contain antibacterial ingredients, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria. For babies who are curious about the world all day long, it can certainly reduce the chance of bacterial infection and illness.

The shelf life of antibacterial wet wipes is one and a half to two years, or even three years. But this time usually means the product is not opened.

When purchasing wet wipes, pay attention to the sealing of the product. The better the sealing, the longer the disinfection time will be, and the longer the shelf life will be.

After opening, the wet wipes should be sealed after each use, and the newborn wipes should be placed in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.

There are usually 80 wet wipes in the large pack, but yoboo specially increases the amount, using a large capacity of 100 wet wipes in a pack, which meets the needs of daily care for babies. At the same time, it pays attention to the storage method of wet wipes. Usually they will not expire until the stored newborn wipes are used up.

If it is an opened wipe that has not been used up for a long time, especially if the sealing strip is not firmly adhered, do not use it for babies, because the newborn wipes are likely to breed bacteria.

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