yoboo continues to promote the globalisation of scientific breastfeeding

Feb 17,2022

The 1.1 new year sale came as expected. At its previous end-of-year market conference about Southeast Asia, yoboo proposed to vigorously promote the globalisation of scientific breastfeeding, improve product quality, strengthen brand building and construct a new pattern of development. yoboo, the medical breastfeeding maternal and child brand, is meeting the Philippine people's expectations for a better life with its high quality and sophisticated design.  yoboo attracted expectations from all walks of life last year and continues to grow in the first marketing campaign of 2022. yoboo achieves high sales on cross-border e-commerce platforms shopee and lazada, to open the New Year with a bang.

Upgrading the consumption structure and building a new pattern of development

The maternal and child industry will face an even more competitive environment in 2022. In response to the pursuit of quality life in the Philippines, yoboo has enhanced its products, services, logistics and more. The number of highly educated people in South East Asia is increasing and as they enter the family, parents aged 25-29 are becoming the main consumer of the maternal and child market. Compared to the previous generation of traditional parents, this generation of parents of newborns has a more advanced consumer and parenting mindset. More people are beginning to pay attention to nursing during pregnancy and scientific parenting and feeding, emphasising professional parenting concepts and the pursuit of mothers in reastfeeding. They desire efficient breastfeeding solutions. At the same time, they have a high acceptance of new things, authoritative scientific ideas, and technological products. yoboo understands the needs of users in the new family model. Launch of the Manual breast pump. It has been sought after by many families and has gained a good reputation.

Yoboo Continues To Promote The Globalisation Of Scientific Breastfeeding

yoboo continues to promote the globalisation of scientific breastfeeding

Excellent quality for brand upgrading  yoboo opens a new era of brand growth

The whole range of yoboo products are made of food-grade safe materials and all materials selected possess relevant test reports and all indicators meet international requirements. yoboo's product development team designs with craftsmanship, incorporating patented technology and warm design details to the products. The product is designed with an ergonomic handle to save time and effort. Anti-reflux design for better milk storage. High-efficiency evacuation with large suction helps mothers to produce more breast milk. Two-level adjustment adjusts the suction power to suit different needs. With the matching teat, the breast pump becomes a Baby Feeding Bottle, lightweight and portable.

"Starting from cherishing every drop of breast milk. Use advanced medical parenting concepts to solve more baby feeding and development problems." is yoboo's brand mission. Every aspect of design, selection and testing, yoboo takes into account every detail that affects the development of babies, helping mothers to improve the quality of life in childcare.

yoboo cherishes every drop of breast milk.

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