In response to WHO's call, yoboo supports breastfeeding

Feb 17,2022

In recent years, as the WHO's advocacy for breastfeeding has continued to deepen, the Philippines has organized several collective breastfeeding activities. As a professional medical mother and baby brand, yoboo is a loyal supporter of breast-feeding. yoboo actively participate in local offline publicity activities in the Philippines, and bring advanced medical parenting concepts and scientific baby-care products to the mothers , in order to help the children in the Philippines grow healthier and stronger.

According to the WHO, breastfeeding is the most suitable natural food for babies, which can provide all the nutritional needs of full-term infants from 0-6 months. Chinen Rina, founder of yoboo, said: "We follow the WTO's initiative on breastfeeding. yoboo conducts in-depth research on the concept and process of breastfeeding, which helps us to develop and upgrade our products. From breast pumping to breast-feeding, products from yoboo follow the laws of nature and humanity, and support professional breast-feeding."

In response to WHO's call, yoboo supports breastfeeding

Chinen Rina, a paediatrician, the founder of yoboo.

yoboo believes that breastfeeding is the foundation of life and needs to be respected, protected and realized.Therefore, in the process of product development, yoboo invited top Japanese scientific research institutions and hospitals as guidance, and created the Spiral-Flow lactation technology, which can effectively reduce the mother's feeding pressure. In addition, there are anti-colic baby bottles and pacifiers that are more suitable for the babys' development. The quality of yoboo's products has been certified by FDA, CE, ISO, CCC, FCC.

At present, yoboo has been based on the Southeast Asian market and viewed from the perspective of Southeast Asian mothers. In the future, yoboo will comprehensively upgrade the brand value, focus on the innovation and development of maternal and infant industry, and strive to solve the current social problems related to mothers and children. At the same time, yoboo will also link up with local enterprises, governments, non-profit organizations and other social groups to carry out some online babycare knowledge popularization. Finally, a safe and reliable "breastfeeding space" will be born.

Source: Yoboo

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