7 Ways to Stop Your Baby from Getting Tired of Breastfeeding

Sep 02,2022

Many babies will feel tired of milk during the process of drinking milk. Parents are very anxious. Next, Yoboo will present seven ways to make babies stop tired of milk.

1. Without coercion

Many parents are worried that the baby does not drink enough milk, which will affect the growth and development, so they will use the forced method, but the forced method will make the baby afraid of breastfeeding.

In fact, as long as the baby's height, weight and other developmental conditions are in the normal range, then there is no need to force him to drink milk from an anti-colic feeding bottle. In fact, at this time, we should think more about how to help the baby accept semi-liquid complementary food instead of forcing him to drink milk.

2. Change the way of feeding

When the baby shows signs of being tired of breastfeeding, parents can change the way of breastfeeding, but do it at will, and do not need to work according to the table.

You can eat small and frequent meals. When the baby wants to eat, give him a yoboo anti colic feeding bottle to feed him. It can make the baby move more, such as massage, physical activities, etc. When the baby is tired and hungry, he will want to drink more milk.

3. Don't change milk powder often

If the baby refuses to drink milk, parents may start to wonder if this brand of milk powder does not like the baby. You can let your baby try other brands of milk powder, but the replacement speed should not be too frequent, and the baby also has a period of adaptation to the milk powder.

It is recommended to change to a new brand gradually. It is best to mix and match with other brands of milk powder. At the same time, during the process of changing, you can check the baby's defecation. If the defecation is normal, it means that the adaptation is good, but gradually replaces it all.

After entering the milk-weary period, the effect of changing the brand of milk powder is not very large. If it does not work after several attempts, it is best to try other methods.

4. Create a dining environment

The best environment for eating is soft and quiet. The baby is full of curiosity about everything at this time. If someone teases him while eating, or his attention is attracted by various toys and sounds, then The baby will find these things more fun than eating, so they will give up eating.

5. Easy to deal with tired of milk

The mood and pressure of the person who takes care of the baby will be directly conveyed to the baby, so if the parents are not in a very good mood when breastfeeding, if they are very impatient, he can feel it, and if they are in a bad mood, they will resist.

As long as the baby is healthy and normal in all aspects, and there is no discomfort, parents don't have to worry about it, and treat the baby's breast-weary period with a natural attitude, and don't put too much pressure on this matter.

6. The size of the nipple hole of the anti-colic bottle should be appropriate

If the baby is drinking less milk, it may be because the hole in the nipple on the bottle is too small and the baby is too tired during the entire feeding process, so drink less.

Then the way to judge whether the milk hole is too small is to turn the bottle upside down and check the milk hole of the nipple on the yoboo bottle to see if the milk inside can flow down smoothly.

Under normal circumstances, the best speed is 1 drop per second. If the drip does not come out or the drip is too fast, the baby is not the most comfortable when drinking milk.

7. Timely addition of complementary food

For babies about 4 months old, it is best to give priority to breast milk or formula milk, but to eat less complementary food. When the baby feels disgusted and does not want to drink milk, you can let the baby eat something different.

You can start with rice flour or diluted fruit juice. After your baby adapts, you can add vegetable puree and fruit puree. It is best to add one at a time, starting with 1 small teaspoon, and then gradually increase. You can stay for a few days after each change and observe your baby's condition.

If your baby doesn't drink it or has a rash on the skin or changes in the stool, then suspend the introduction of this solid food.

If there is a family history of allergies, it is best to feed breast milk or partially hydrolyzed milk powder until the baby is half a year old, and then slowly add complementary foods, and the added complementary foods should be considered hypoallergenic first.

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