How Often Should I Pump?

Dec 29,2021

Many mothers cannot stay with their children to feed them all the time due to work or other reasons when they have given birth to their children. Therefore, most mothers will choose to pump.

They think that breast milk is more nutritious for children, but have no idea about how often to pump. Next, as a breast pump supplier, Yoboo will introduce the concerned knowledge for you.

Ⅰ. How often should I pump?

It depends on how much milk you have. If your baby is fed once an hour at home and your milk does not rise, it is fine to pump milk every two hours during work.

When your baby eats once an hour at home, but your milk doesn't decline, then you need to suck out the extra milk. If you don't know how often you should pump, then you have to suck it once an hour or even 40 minutes during work.

Because the baby can suck out the milk in mammary glands evenly, it is difficult for the breast pump to suck out the milk in the mammary gland on the side of the breast.

Therefore, while pumping with a breast pump, you must use your hands to express milk from the breast, so that the side mammary gland will not accumulate milk.

No matter how often you pump, it must be enough for your baby. How often should I pump? If your milk is not enough, suck it if you have time. The more you suck, the more you have.

Ⅱ. How to stimulate the secretion of milk?

The first step is to apply heat with the towel. When you feel that the milk is swelling, wring out the hot towel and put it on the breast, forming a circle with the nipple exposed in the middle.

The second step is to massage after the hot compress. You can adjust your sitting position, hold one breast with both hands, and squeeze from the breast to the nipple to stimulate the milk to flow out.

Pay attention to this step. Be sure to wrap the towel with your hands, press your breasts tightly, and don't let the towel rub against your skin. The most important thing about breastfeeding is to suck out the milk.

The third step is to use a breast pump to create a vacuum space to promote stable milk secretion. The soft stretch of the massage pad can imitate the sucking of the baby, evacuate the breast lumps, and promote the secretion of milk. Whenever the mother feels that the milk is full, they can suck it out.

The fourth step is to use a manual milk pump to promote the secretion of milk. Through suction and massage, the milk secretion can be faster and more natural.

The fifth step is to let the baby suck early. The sooner the baby touches the mother's chest, the more potential it can be stimulated so that babies can find the nipples more quickly, and suck correctly.

Generally speaking, normal mothers need to let their babies suck within half an hour after delivery, while cesarean mothers have to finish within one hour after delivery.

If some mothers are too busy to accompany their children and have to milk, but don't understand how often should they pump, we suggest that you should milk with the right time and right amount. Only in this way can breast milk be fresh.

Studies have shown that babies grow faster by drinking fresh breast milk. Of course, proper milking can also help their health. We hope that the above will help you.

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