yoboo Utilizes Spiral Flow Lactation Technology In Latest Breast Pump

Nov 02,2021

MANILA, Philippines, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Under the influence of the epidemic, in the face of new-born babies, parents are more cautious. Both the living environment of infants and children and the use of products must meet the current safety standards of the epidemic.

If the situation of temporary separation between mother and baby is caused by epidemic prevention and control, breast-feeding mothers should also choose suitable breast pumps to milk regularly, so as to keep the normal state of lactation. Therefore, Yoboo's latest breast pump has specially added Spiral Flow lactation technology which imitates baby's sucking rhythm and reduces mother's feeding pressure. To put it simply, the application of Spiral Flow lactation technology is to massage the breast from the upper skin in a multi-point manner through the shield of the breast pump, so as to increase breast milk, effectively relieve the trouble of mammary gland blockage and engorgement during the breast-feeding period of every mother, and not waste every drop of breast milk.

In addition, Yoboo fully considered the safety needs of new parents during the epidemic, and developed an integrated breast pump for breast milk lactation. This breast pump can be directly connected to the same brand of milk storage bags. Compared with the conventional breast pump in the market, it saves process of container transferring. It not only avoids the waste of breast milk during the second transfer process, but also prevents the pollution of breast milk. It effectively achieves zero waste and zero pollution of breast milk from pumping.

Every one of us is expecting the epidemic to pass quickly, and life can gradually return to normal. During this period, Yoboo will definitely put safety first, assume its social responsibility, and actively build a maternal and child brand that reassures consumers.


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