Helping breastfeeding, yoboo 12.12 record hits a new high

Feb 17,2022

In this year's e-commerce marketing battlefield, yoboo wowed the public with innovative products and a wealth of fun shopping activities during 12.12. As the 12.12 shopping season draws to a close, yoboo's sales in Southeast Asia are still on an upward trend. The shop's signature product, the Portable Electric Breast Pump, is made of safe materials and incorporates SpiralFlow technology to help mothers with their breastfeeding needs.

Fully develop e-commerce activities, strives for exponential growth

In the midst of the consumer boom, yoboo seized the opportunity of consumer growth and took advantage of its international platform to successfully enter two cross-border e-commerce platforms, lazada and shopee. In order to promote the 12.12 campaign, yoboo tailor-made a marketing plan for the Southeast Asian e-commerce platform, through the distribution of coupons, product full sale, low price rush, e-commerce live and other promotional activities, e-commerce platform revenue than the daily increase of more than four times. The overall campaign conversion rate was close to 12%, higher than the peer average, and the overall campaign explosiveness of the yoboo brand was relatively strong.

Helping Breastfeeding, Yoboo 12.12 Record Hits A New High

Integrating new technologies to breastfeeding

Integrating new technologies to breastfeeding

Electric breast pumps are capturing the hearts of more mothers with their convenience and bringing a change to the way mothers breastfeed. As a professional mother and baby brand founded by a doctor, yoboo is continuing to adapt to the South East Asian market. To effectively relieve mothers of breast blockage, yoboo has innovatively incorporated SpiralFlow technology into its Portable Electric Breast Pump, with three modes and multiple settings to help mothers breastfeed easily and conveniently, helping women to build up their breastfeeding confidence. yoboo's choice of PPSU material is highly resistant to high temperatures and can withstand repeated steam sterilisation, providing a more sterile environment for breast milk storage.

Established in 2009, yoboo take professionalism and warmth as the essence of demand, and take love as the driving force. Give trust and a sense of security with safe and authoritative medical parenting concepts and knowledge, and guard the growth of babies with Japanese ingenuity, creating an intimate and loving feeding environment, allowing babies to grow in a balance of freedom and restriction.

Source: yoboo

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