The Texture of Newborn Wipes and Its Shelf Life

Feb 06,2023

1. Which texture of newborn wipes is good?


In recent years, wet wipes have gradually replaced the tradition method of cleaning with water. Many parents now choose to use wet wipes to solve their baby's various cleaning problems.


But many parents don't know how to choose the best wet wipes. So what texture of the newborn wipes should be selected?


The texture of the wet wipe is closely related to the material. If you want the wet wipe to be more breathable, you should choose a wet wipe with a flat stripe pattern. If the breathable wet wipes are used, the baby will feel very comfortable and not feel very tight when using it, and the wet wipes will make the skin feel refreshed.


If you want the cleaning ability of newborn wipes to be stronger, you should choose wet wipes with pearl texture. Wet wipes with pearl textures will have a higher degree of viscose, and they will not easily deform even when pulled vigorously and they are not very slippery during use. It is easy for them to clean things up. And they are practical as well as beautiful. The pattern looks more upscale, and the baby may also like it.


Baby's skin is very delicate, and newborn wipes are very important daily necessities for babies.So when parents choose, they must choose good quality, such as yoboo newborn wipes. Don't ignore the quality in order to save money, which is responsible for the baby's health. If the baby feels uncomfortable after using the newborn wipes, he should be sent to the hospital as soon as possible.


2. The shelf life of newborn wipes


Because wet wipes are a necessities for babies, when buying wet wipes, mothers usually stock up on them in large quantities. Some mothers often say that I have stocked up wet wipes for my baby for a year. So can wipes really be stored that long?


When purchasing newborn wipes, you generally choose the famous brand, which has quality assurance. The wipes for newborns produced by brand manufacturers have a complete set of disinfection procedures. However, because moisturizing ingredients will be added to the wet wipes, in the long-term storage, the normal use of the wet wipes may be affected due to the long time or the storage location.


When purchasing newborn wipes, pay attention to the tightness of the product. The better the tightness, the longer the disinfection time and the longer the shelf life.


The shelf life of wet wipes is one and a half to two years, or even three years. But this time usually means that the product is not opened.


After opening, the wipes should be sealed after each use, and the wipes should be placed in a cool place away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.


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