Silicone Pacifier: A Good Companion for Children's Growth.

Sep 03,2023

Believe that our generation, especially mothers, have used pacifiers, but most people lack the correct understanding of pacifiers, so let's introduce briefly. The pacifier is an indispensable auxiliary tool for artificially fed babies, because newborns do not know how to eat, the bottle plays a big role at this time, helping the baby drink milk. However, because the baby often bites the pacifier, and there will also be different liquids in contact with the pacifier, the pacifier is easy to deteriorate. Therefore, mothers need to change the pacifier frequently to avoid the danger of the baby inhaling the fragments of the pacifier and causing suffocation.

Silicone pacifier is a new type of pacifier product

The pacifiers used in the past are mostly yellow and opaque latex pacifiers, which are cheap and have a short service life. There will also be some rubber taste during high temperature disinfection. In recent years, a new type of silicone pacifier has been introduced on the market. After the silicone pacifier was launched, it was welcomed by many mothers and gradually changed the dominant situation of latex pacifiers.

The temperature that silicone soothers can withstand

The pacifier is for relieving the baby's anxiety. When letting him wean from breastfeeding and bottle feeding, he can suck the pacifier, and a two-year-old baby can effectively get pleasant information through the touch of the lips. It can be seen how important liquid pacifiers are to babies, different pacifier styles also bring different feelings to babies.

Liquid silicone rubber is a heat-resistant product, among various silicone rubbers, it can maintain its rubber shape characteristics after aging in hot air at 170-250 degrees. The glass transition temperature of low phenyl silicone rubber is -140℃. Its vulcanized rubber can maintain elasticity at temperatures from -70℃ to 100℃. The material of the full silicone soother is a transparent liquid silicone rubber with food-grade, non-toxic and tasteless properties, resistant to high temperature of 250℃, with a shrinkage rate of less than 0.1%, and can be used for baby pacifiers, infant products, medical products, electronic products, and suitable for injection molding process.

The food-grade full silicone soother uses high-end liquid silicone material, with a shape similar to breast milk, which allows the baby to eat comfortably. The spiral design of the aiding strip can withstand high tensile force to a great extent, even if sucked for a long time, it will not easily break. It is a liquid pacifier that can be used repeatedly. After use, it can be boiled in water or steamed for disinfection, for 3 to 5 minutes.

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