Is Fetal Education Really Useful?

Nov 01,2021

The fetus is wrapped in amniotic fluid, placenta and the mother's abdominal wall, and the things they can perceive is really limited. Most of the gains of the fetus are from the mother. In addition, it has been proven that one of the most significant things that a fetus can obtain directly from the outside world is high-quality and low-frequency sound.

Is Fetal Education Really Useful

The fetus begins to develop hearing in the 4th~6th week; it can feel the mother's uterus sound in the 15th~20th week; and its hearing is basically the same as adults in the 25th week. In the late stage of pregnancy, the fetus can even recognize the parents' voice. Many studies have shown that music is indeed beneficial to all aspects of fetal development, and that communication between parents and fetuses can have unexpected effects.

Therefore, since the middle stage of pregnancy, it is recommended that fathers and mothers-to-be shall:

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