Electric Breast Milk Pump Vs. Manual Breast Pump: Which One Is Right for You?

Oct 07,2023

Breastfeeding is a unique journey for every mom. While breast pumps can help moms to breastfeed more flexibly, it can be difficult to know which pump is right for you! With countless brands and models, first-time breastfeeding moms may not know where to start when choosing a breast pump. When considering using a pump, the best starting point is to determine whether a manual pump or an electric pump is best suited to your needs. Read on to learn which pump is right for you.

The difference between electric breast milk pump and hand breast pump

The most obvious difference between electric breast milk pump and hand breast pump is easy to see! It is understandable that electric breast milk pump use an electric motor to automatically extract breast milk. On the other hand, hand breast pump do not use motors or electricity to extract breast milk. Instead, moms use handheld pumps that rely on suction to extract breast milk. In addition, electric breast milk pump typically come with tubing and flanges that allow moms to pump both breasts at the same time, while hand breast pump can only be used for one breast at a time. With these different features, some pumps may be better suited to different moms' lifestyles.

Who electric breast milk pumps are suitable for

Over time, electric breast milk pump have become increasingly popular because they can help moms pump milk quickly and comfortably. Therefore, electric breast milk pumps are usually best suited for moms who exclusively breastfeed or need to pump large amounts of breast milk every day. With innovations such as silent motors and even wearable pumps, electric breast milk pump may be the ideal solution for breastfeeding moms who are preparing to return to work. There are countless electric breast milk pump designed to meet moms' different needs, with features such as optional battery power, compact and lightweight motors, and smart tools such as Bluetooth compatibility.

Who hand breast pumps are suitable for

Electric breast milk pumps may be effective, but they may not be suitable for every mom! As the name suggests, electric breast milk pump rely on a stable power supply to keep the motor running. While some electric breast milk pump do come with rechargeable batteries, their ability to perform optimally depends on whether there is a power outlet nearby. hand breast pump allow moms to pump breast milk anytime, anywhere without needing to plug in or charge. Moreover, moms who only need to pump occasionally can benefit the most from using a manual pump. If moms cannot purchase a pump through insurance, a manual pump may be more affordable than an electric pump.

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