About Newborn Wipes and Their Use Methods

Feb 06,2023

1. Do newborn infants need the newborn wipes?


After the baby is born, parents have to take care of all aspects, so it is not an easy thing to take care of the baby.


Now there are useful tools that are convenient for parents to use to take care of their babies. Newborn wipes are one of them. However, some parents may have some concerns that the wipes are not good for the baby's skin. So, can you buy newborn wipes for your newborn?


Newborn wipes can still be used for babies. After all, they are more convenient and help parents to better take care of their babies. However, it should be noted that parents must be optimistic about the ingredients when purchasing.


Some newborn wipes cannot be used for babies, such as wipes with added fragrance and alcohol, or wipes that have not been aseptically processed, which may cause some damages.


2. Precautions for using newborn wipes


Wet wipes are convenient, but we should pay attention to some body parts that cannot be wiped with wet wipes, that is the sensitive parts of the baby. For example, the baby's private parts, mouth, eyes and other parts are relatively sensitive parts of the baby, and they are also particularly delicate. It is best not to wipe with wet wipes, otherwise it will easily cause the baby's skin to be infected.


When the weather becomes cold, try not to wipe the baby with newborn wipes, it is easy to cause the baby to have diarrhea or catch a cold.


In normal times, when parents use wet wipes, they should first confirm with their hands that the wet wipes is not too cold, and then wipe the baby.


3. Precautions for using newborn wipes


During the time when the baby is just learning to eat, it is very likely that he will spit milk on his face accidentally. Do not wipe it with dry paper at this time.


It is best to use some wet wipes, so as not to hurt the baby's skin. Of course, it is best to choose newborn wipes. So how to use newborn wipes?


Parents should wash their hands before rubbing their baby's skin. Although newborn wipes are relatively clean and are also sterile, if you don't wash your hands first, you will spread the bacteria on your hands to your baby, so be sure to wash your hands first.


Generally, there will be a sealed pocket on the wipes for newborns. It is very simple to open the sealed pocket. Just follow the instructions above. Generally, there will be a red arrow on the top of the packaging bag. Then open it in the direction indicated by the arrow, but it cannot be completely opened. If it is opened, it will be difficult to seal it again after use.


After wiping the child's skin, you can wipe it with a special tissue for babies. After all, the wet wipes are wet. If you don't wipe it in time, it may also cause baby eczema.


In addition, the used wipes should also be sealed in the sealing pocket of the wipes. If you forget to seal the pocket, the remaining newborn wipes cannot be used anymore.

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