Should Pregnant Women Use Milk Leakage Pads?

Jun 15,2023

Due to the changes in hormones, pregnant women may experience a series of pregnancy reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, and breast swelling. In addition, many pregnant women also find that breast milk leaks out, sometimes wetting their clothes and causing embarrassment. So, should pregnant women use lactation pads?

Pregnant women can use milk leakage pads

Wetting clothes frequently due to excessive milk secretion can be uncomfortable, especially during the summer when it can feel sticky. Using milk leakage pads can make pregnant women feel more comfortable. When purchasing, attention should be paid to the quality and they should be absorbent and soft for the best effect.

For pregnant women with sensitive skin, it is best to choose pure cotton materials to prevent skin allergies or nipple irritation. If they need to be used frequently, washable lactation pads can be purchased for easy replacement. If milk leakage is more severe, it is necessary to purchase lactation pads with greater absorbency as the thin ones won't last long.

Milk leakage pads are usually used in the later stages of pregnancy, and they are also needed during lactation. In the later stages of pregnancy, pregnant women can see a little milk when squeezing their nipples, and more milk will spill out. The lactation pads need to be replaced in time to prevent the breasts from becoming stuffy and moist. When milk spills out more, they should be replaced every two to three hours. Many nursing mothers like to use milk leakage pads, which absorb excess milk and keep the underwear dry.

Milk leakage pads are divided into two types: disposable and washable



Maternity items lactation pads can be placed on the inside of the nursing bra and should be replaced as needed. As they aren't as absorbent as disposable pads, they should be washed after use and dried before reused. Disposable pads save time and effort, but washable ones can be used repeatedly, reducing waste.

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