What Are the Tricks of Breastfeeding?

May 27,2023

From 10-month pregnancy to successful delivery, it can be said that the feeling of being a mother and a father is completely different. For a mother, all the feelings are "personal".

Mothers, of course, do not hesitate to put their children first. Years of clinical medical research has shown that "breast milk" is the most ideal food for newborn babies, so breastfeeding has become the first choice for mothers.

What to do if the baby does not like breast milk?

Every baby is different at birth. There are natural births, C-sections, and premature births that require time in an incubator.

Regardless of that situation, the newborn child should lie on the mother's breast. Try to put the mother's nipple into his mouth. In fact, every baby has this instinct to suck the nipple.

If the baby looks tired, gently wake him up after a break and let him suck on his nipples. This is the best time to breastfeed and the best start.

Breastfeeding is the best for mother and child, so do not use an anti colic feeding bottle to feed your baby when you encounter a little difficulty. In that way, the child really regard the bottle as the mother's breast, and he increasingly refuses to eat breast milk.

Ensure that the baby is breathing smoothly during feeding

First of all, to ensure that the baby's breathing is smooth, you can check whether there is a foreign body in the baby's nasal cavity. If there is, make it wet with a clean cotton stick, and gently wet the baby's nasal cavity.

Then, the mother will take the lead in feeding the baby. The position of breastfeeding can be determined according to the individual situation, sitting or lying down, etc. The main thing is that the mother's breast should not cover the baby's nostrils to avoid causing breathing difficulties for the baby.

If the mother has large breasts, she can use her hands as a support to ensure the space in front of the baby's nostrils, and try to stuff the nipple and areola into the baby's mouth so that the baby can fully suck on the areola and nipple.

Don't just stick the nipple in the baby's mouth, as the baby's hard sucking will cause the nipple to rupture and make it more difficult for the mother to breastfeed.

Find the cause of crying and irritability

For a newborn baby, if there is nothing uncomfortable, he usually eats and sleeps, sleeps well and then eats again. For generally breastfed children, on average, feed them once in 2h to 3h.

If your baby cries and doesn't eat even if you feed him, it means that there are more important things than breastfeeding that we need to help your baby deal with.

Mom can check if the baby has urinated and defecated and so you help him clean up, or if he's cold or hot, or where he's uncomfortable.

It is better for the mother not to breastfeed at this moment, but to check carefully, pick up the child and talk to him or sing to divert his attention, and then feed him after he calms down.

What if he doesn't like the nipple?

Usually, within 72h after birth, the baby is not breastfed. First of all, the mother's milk production will gradually decrease, and secondly, the baby already has a newborn anti colic bottle that can replace the mother's breast.

Once, the mother does not take effective measures, this state enters a vicious circle and the best time for breastfeeding is missed.

Compared to drinking a bottle, eating mother's breast milk is a job that requires the whole body to exert himself, and it is also a technical activity for a newborn child.

Therefore, mothers should persistently train their babies to suck on their mother's nipples, with great patience, and without giving up lightly.

In addition, in order to let the baby accept breast milk as soon as possible, try to avoid letting the baby touch the bottle in the early stage, to avoid feeding the child with both nipples and the anti colic feeding bottle. In that way, the feeding bottle that is easy to take will be soon accepted, and breastfeeding will be difficult to implement.

It is possible to combine the way of feeding milk squeezed out with a small spoon and the way of the baby sucking directly, and eventually switch to a way of relying exclusively on breastfeeding.

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