yoboo officially announced Dianne Medina as the spokesperson

Sep 15,2022

yoboo, a Japanese mother and baby brand, recently announced a six-month endorsement cooperation with Dianne Medina, a well-known actress and program host from the Philippines. This is a perfect cooperation between yoboo who focuses on scientific breastfeeding, and Ms. Dianne, who emphasizes professional parenting concepts.

"Dianne, as a mother of two-year-old children and an excellent working woman, has always attached great importance to pregnancy care and scientific child care and feeding, and hopes to complete breastfeeding more easily, which coincides with yoboo's concept of intelligently optimizing the feeding process, solving feeding issues for more working mothers and enhancing baby development. "yoboo expressed the hope that this cooperation could help more working mothers in Southeast Asia to build confidence in scientific and easy feeding.

yoboo has been committed to promoting advanced breastfeeding and actively carrying out personality activities to enhance interaction with consumers. yoboo will promote all its products in the upcoming 9.9 End-Of-Year Sale Season. The prices of many best-selling products are up to 88% off, so that consumers can buy high-quality products at a lower price.

Original technology to realize scientific feeding

Since its establishment, yoboo has been committed to the field of scientific feeding, advocating advanced parenting concepts, and actively developing products to help Asian women easily raise children.

In 2012, yoboo created Japan Spiral Flow for relaxing and effective suction, and launched yoboo barometric pulse electric breast pump. Massage the breast synchronously at multiple points from the upper wall of the breast in cyclone mode through the bell mouth of the breast pump, increase the number of milk reflections while paying attention to comfort, and improve milk production, breast health, and women's quality of life in childcare.

Easy parenting with professional products

As a professional mother and baby brand, yoboo's product line covers the whole process of childcare and has been praised by many working mothers like Dianne who have professional childcare concepts and pursue a comfortable childcare process.

yoboo's popular product, yoboo portable electric breast pump, is equipped with three modes, nine gear adjustment mechanism and anti backflow design, which uses 24mm food grade silicone horn cover and yoboo milk bottle / storage bag to fully meet the needs of users for one-stop breastfeeding.

The best-selling yoboo anti-colic baby bottle, with a 45° off-centre nipple design, enables babies to drink milk easily without looking up. The anti inflation valve balances negative pressure, reduces the probability of babies inhaling air, and meets the growth needs of babies from 0 to 12 months.

Resource from: https://en.prnasia.com/releases/apac/yoboo-officially-announced-dianne-medina-as-the-spokesperson-374524.shtml

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