How Long Does an Automatic Breast Pump Suck at a Time?

Jan 21,2023

Using a breast pump while breastfeeding is normal, and moms don't have to be shy. If mothers usually go out, they can pump out the milk, store it with an electric breast pump, and feed it to the baby when the baby is hungry, so that even if the mother is not around, the baby can still drink milk every day. So how often should a mother use a breast pump? How to control the time of each pumping?

1. Time control of using an electric breast pump

There are many types of breast pumps, such as electric breast pumps, manual breast pumps, etc. When using it, mothers should follow the correct method and pay attention to the time of use. Usually, using an electric breast pump should not exceed 5 minutes each time, while using a manual breast pump to express milk, if you want to express 60-125ml of milk, it will take 10 minutes, but the specific situation is different. The time required is also different. It is recommended that mothers do not use the breast pump for a long time, so as not to cause breast damage and affect breastfeeding.

If the mother is on maternity leave, it is advisable to use a breast pump occasionally and to focus on direct feeding. If the mother starts to go to work, she might as well use a breast pump every day. At work, you can express milk twice a day, once at about 10 am and once at about 3 pm. If you can go home at noon, then breastfeed yourself. If you can't go home at noon, you can only express more milk each time to ensure that your baby can still drink milk when you are away.

2. Using an electric breast pump is quite beneficial

First, a good breast pump electric can stimulate milk secretion and increase milk volume; secondly, if the mother's milk is insufficient and it is difficult to meet the baby's daily needs, this method can also be used to obtain more milk; thirdly, Thirdly, if the baby can't suck the mother's nipple, a breast pump can be used to collect milk so that the baby can eat precious breast milk and relieve the pain caused by engorgement. Finally, mothers should suspend breastfeeding when they are sick, but in order to maintain normal milk secretion in the breasts, they can also use a breast pump to assist breastfeeding.

Compared with manual breast pumps, the automatic breast pump has better absorption power, and the automatic breast pump completely absorbs breast milk, which can better avoid milk clogging. The automatic breast pump is easy to operate, can automatically control the suction, and select the appropriate suction to express milk, reducing damage to female breasts. Some good electric breast pumps can mimic the effect of a baby breastfeeding and are better at reducing breast irritation.

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