What Should the Mother Do if Their Breasts Are Engorged?

Dec 29,2021

1. How to use the breast pump machine electric to suck milk?

Newborns are prone to get sick. Everyone should pay attention to that, once a problem occurs, the novice parents should take the baby to the hospital for examination and cooperate with the doctor to treat the newborn baby and restore health as soon as possible.

After giving birth to a baby, the mothers are still uncomfortable, especially when the milk rises. Everyone cares about the mothers. But they don't know how to breastfeed as a novice.

For novice mothers, breastfeeding is distressing progress, especially when the baby has no energy to suck, too much milk is left, and the breasts are not painful, causing the new mother's milk to rise.

In this case, it is recommended to apply a hot compress on breasts and then massage. After hot compress and massaging, the milk will come out naturally. You must let the child suck it out or use a breast pump machine electric to get it out.

You can use a warm towel to compress, although it will be a little uncomfortable, it can be helpful. After milking or hot compress, cooperate with the massage and gently push along the blood vessels to the nipple, squeezing out excess milk.

Please note that this is only applicable when the milk has just increased. If the breast has been blocked, the mother has mastitis, or fever, then a hot compress should not be used, as it will aggravate the condition.

As long as buckling the cup of the breast pump machine electric on your breast and start the machine, Yoboo's one-stop electric breast pump will automatically suck your milk into the connected container. Yoboo's breast pump machine electric with 3 modes and 9 gears usually takes 10 to 15 minutes to suck the milk in both breasts.

There are many reasons for physical discomfort. Don't take it lightly. There are some approaches to relieve the milk increase. Women can massage breasts to dredge the breasts and produce milk. They can also use a breast pump. No matter what method is adopted, it is good to breastfeed babies by ourselves.

2. How to use the breast pump machine electric to produce milk?

Breast milk is a nutritious and natural milk product with a constant temperature. Therefore, many women choose to breastfeed in order to raise their babies with a healthy body. So how do mothers produce milk quickly after childbirth?

Use a breast pump. Many women encounter problems such as blocked mammary glands and difficulty in producing milk. But they are also eager to breastfeed babies, the only way is to dredge the breasts quickly so that babies can have healthy milk.

In this case, mothers can choose Yoboo wireless electric breast pump to unclog the breast. The suction power of the breast pump machine electric can dredge the breasts without hurting the nipples and help moms produce milk quickly.

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