Which Type of Breast Pump is Good?

Sep 05,2023

The breast pump is a good thing, but how to choose the right one is a headache. Today, let's take a look at which type of breast pump is good and the precautions for using a breast pump.

Introduction to hand breast pumps and electric breast milk pumps

Hand breast pump

The hand breast pump has appropriate suction and allows you to manually control the suction, which is less likely to cause pain for moms. It is relatively less stimulating, and there is no pain in the nipples during use. It allows slight adjustment of the suction pressure. If you are a mom who stays at home with your child, choosing a hand breast pump would be better, although it requires a bit of effort. However, since it is all manually operated, you can avoid harming yourself. But it can be a bit tiring. If you want to save effort, you can use an electric breast pump.

Electric breast milk pump

Fully automatic and time-saving, no need to manually pump breast milk. You can adjust the suction force when pumping milk, but if the suction force is too strong, it may be painful and harm the mother. It is suitable for moms who work full-time and need to quickly pump out milk for feeding their babies. Moms who use electric breast milk pumps must familiarize themselves with the instructions and use them correctly to better protect themselves. Everyone can choose the right breast pump according to their needs.

Precautions for using an electric breast milk pump

Easy to use: Electric breast milk pumps are easy to use, and nipples can easily obtain suction without causing hardship for moms.

Pain-free: When the breast pump exerts pressure on the nipples, they should not feel pain. This is mainly because the design of the breast pump caters to the needs of the human body. If a breast pump is purchased carelessly and the nipples feel painful during pumping, it may affect milk production and even cause breastfeeding problems.

Adjustable: The breast pump can adjust the strength and gradually adjust the force exerted. Hand breast pumps generally require manual control of suction strength, while electric breast milk pumps usually have several levels of suction force that mothers can adjust according to their needs.

Economical: Breast pumps are divided into manual and electric types, and hand breast pumps are generally lower in price. The price range of electric breast milk pumps varies depending on their functions. You can choose a cheaper hand breast pump or a more complex electric breast pump. However, the main selection criteria are personal preferences and economic conditions.

Portable: If you buy a breast pump for use during work or outings, it is recommended to pay attention not only to its functions but also to the size of the breast pump. Try to choose a breast pump that is easy to carry.

Silent: Whether using a breast pump during outings or at work, no one wants the breast pump to make noticeable noise. Therefore, it is recommended to choose an electric breast milk pump with a relatively low noise level, that is, a good silent function, to avoid feeling embarrassed when the breast pump is in use.

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