Can Babies Use Pacifier Silicone Pacifiers?

Sep 19,2023

Babies can suckle immediately after birth. This is a primitive reflex that does not need to be taught. Sucking soothes babies and a silicone pacifier can be used to meet their sucking needs. Research shows that using a silicone pacifier can also reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and is recommended for certain special conditions, such as low birth weight (<1500 grams), premature babies born before 32 weeks, and hypoglycemia.

Many babies will suck their fingers if they don't have a silicone pacifier. From this point of view, a silicone pacifier is at least better than sucking fingers for two reasons: Firstly, the dental development problems caused by using a silicone pacifier are less than constantly sucking fingers; Secondly, it is relatively easy for parents to control a baby's use of a pacifier. They can simply remove the pacifier if not allowed, but controlling finger sucking is much more difficult. However, the longer a pacifier is used, the higher the probability of finger sucking in the future. Therefore, it is essential for parents to learn how to use a silicone pacifier correctly.

Precautions for using a silicone pacifier

When to wean off a silicone pacifier?

Starting from 6 months, consider weaning the baby off the silicone soother. Limit its use to sleep or comforting the baby, and stop using it by the age of 4 at the latest. Respect the baby's right to use the silicone soother and do not forcibly deprive or punish them for using it; the baby will be unhappy. Of course, praise and encourage the baby when they show an intention to stop using the silicone pacifier. When a child has a cold or nasal congestion, they may feel more uncomfortable without the pacifier, making it easier for them to give it up.

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