Will the Milk Be Less if a Mother Uses the Electric Breast Pump Without Breast Engorgement?

Feb 06,2023

1. When should I use an electric breast pump?


For breastfeeding mothers, it is very important to breastfeed in time after delivery. At first, your baby may not be strong enough to suck the milk. After trying to feed milk by mouth, breastfeeding mothers should make good use of the electric breast pump to make their own milk come out in a smooth way.


Especially 2 to 3 days after childbirth, when there is a physiological breast engorgement, the baby does not eat much at this time, and they are not able to suck by themselves, the electric breast pump can help us suck out the milk faster and relieve the pain.


Simply with an electric breast pump, even though the baby does not touch or suck the mother's breast for a long time, the breast milk will indeed become less and less.


The function of the electric breast pump is far from the ability of the baby's mouth to suck. The electric breast pump cannot empty the milk in the mother's breasts, and the more empty the breasts are, the more breast milk will be produced.Therefore, mothers who want to avoid the decrease in milk volume caused by the electric breast pump can alternately use the wireless electric breast pump and the baby to suck.


Each time a mother breastfeeds for about 30 minutes on average, but some mothers may breastfeed for up to 1 hour. Keeping one position for a long time to feed the baby, the mother will feel tired and uncomfortable on her waist and hands, and many mothers will suffer from periarthritis of shoulder.


Use the electric breast pump to pump breast milk in advance, and use the bottle to feed the baby, which not only saves feeding time, but also frees the mother's hands!


2. Will the milk become less and less with the electric breast pump used all the time?


We all know that mother's breast milk contains many essential nutrients for babies, but many women are not full-time mothers. Once the maternity leave is over, they have to return to work immediately.


Therefore, mothers will use electric breast pumps to preserve breast milk in advance, so will pumping with electric breast pumps all the time cause less and less milk?


Correct use of the electric breast pump will not reduce the secretion of milk, and on the contrary, it can also promote the lactation reflex to achieve the purpose of increasing milk.


The working principle of the electric breast pump is to simulate the baby sucking the nipple to use negative pressure to secrete milk, so the electric breast pump will not affect the secretion of breast milk. Proper operation is recommended when using a wireless electric breast pump. Electric breast pump can be divided into manual and automatic types, and you can choose according to your own situation.


Pumping with an electric breast pump is the same as breastfeeding your baby normally. If it is a normal lactation period, you need to pump with an electric breast pump every day, which can promote the continuous secretion of milk.


If it's a weaning period, the situation is different. Only in the case of severe swelling and pain, a small amount of milk can be pumped. It is necessary to take milk-returning drugs, which can relieve the secretion of milk and avoid swelling and inflammation of the breast.


Ordinary electric breast pumps only squeeze out the existing milk in the breast, so that the milk does not accumulate in the breast, but what really stimulates the secretion of breast milk is the baby's continuous sucking. The yoboo wireless electric breast pump adopts Spiral flow technology, which can imitate the baby's sucking and protect the mother's breast health.


When the baby sucks and the electric breast pump is used together, the amount of breast milk pumped will be more and more. Therefore, when mothers usually use electric breast pumps, they should also pay attention to the method and frequency, and try not to use only electric breast pumps every day without letting the baby suck.

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