Tips for Using the Electric Breast pump

Mar 22,2022

When using a handheld electric breast pump (such as a portable double electric breast pump), you need to create a relaxing environment to help the intelligent automatic breast pump stimulate the breast and start the flow of milk, making the process more comfortable.

1. How to promote successful lactation when pumping with an expressing breast milk electric pump?

Here are a few tips for successful breastfeeding:

(1) For lactation, the most important thing is to add a lot of water. You should drink a glass of water before you start pumping with an electric Breast pumping machine, and keep another glass of water at hand to drink while pumping with a handheld electric breast pump.

(2) Some things to stimulate the lactation include having a picture of your baby by your side, holding objects that smell your baby's body note (such as a blanket in a baby carrier), and listening to your baby's sounds.

(3) Some newborn care products can also promote lactation, such as hot and cold compress pads for breast care. Put them in the microwave for 15 seconds, and then put them around the yoboo handheld electric breast pump with breast massage function to help stimulate lactation.

(4) The first thing to do in the morning is to use the yoboo intelligent automatic breast pump to pump milk, because this is the time when the breast milk secretion is the most.

(5) If you feel nipple pain when pumping with an electric wireless breast pump, please use lanolin cream after pumping with a smart electric breast pump. Lanolin cream can help relieve nipple pain. In addition, please ensure that the nipple is in the center of the electric milk express pump
to reduce the pain.

(6) Switch the electric breast milk extractor to the other breast when the flow of breast milk slows down.

2. What to do with sunken nipples?

Sunken nipples are a problem that some mothers will encounter, which makes breastfeeding difficult to a certain extent. Some mothers are eager to correct this problem during pregnancy, for fear of affecting postpartum breastfeeding.

But experts suggest that postpartum correction during breastfeeding is a better choice, which can help them solve the problem of sunken nipples more naturally.

The solutions for sunken nipples are as follows:

(1) Before each feeding, mothers with sunken nipples should first pull the nipple to stimulate the lactation reflex;

(2) Use a nipple retractor or a handheld electric breast pump, and slowly suck out the nipple by the suction of the nipple retractor or the yoboo27 adjustable expressing breast milk electric pump, so as to better breastfeed the baby;

(3) During breastfeeding, the baby must hold the nipple and areola, and suck out the nipple by the strength of the baby's sucking;

(4) You can also use a nipple shield when breastfeeding to help better breastfeeding.

In order to allow the baby to hold the areola, mothers with sunken nipples try not to make the breasts too swollen, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of the baby to hold the breasts, and it is easy to cause milk stasis, leading to mastitis.

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