The Purchase of Silicone Soothers and Precautions

Feb 06,2023

1. How to choose a silicone soother?


(1) Confirm the demand: Nowadays, the types, materials and functions of baby bottle and soother sold by merchants are very diverse and are dazzling, so customers do not know how to choose.


In fact, parents must first confirm their baby's needs before purchasing, and then properly listen to the professional opinions of experienced people, and then carefully select.


(2) Baby bottles combined with soother: The selection of silicone soothers must be matched with baby bottles. It is also important to choose safe baby bottles.


(3) The type of soother: With the development of science and technology, functional soothers are gradually appearing in the vision of parents. Choose the shape and size of the soother according to your baby's needs and age. For example, yoboo's off-center soother has comprehensively considered the needs of babies of all sizes, and boasts 4 types of hole designs: one hole, two holes, Y-shaped hole and X-shaped hole, corresponding to one drop, two drops, three drops and four drops.


(4) The material of the soother: There are generally three materials for the soother: natural rubber, silicon and isopropylene rubber. The touch of natural rubber is closest to the breast, and silicone soothers will produce some odors because they are processed on the base of raw materials.


2. Precautions for using silicone soothers

(1) The soother must be cleaned and disinfected strictly before each use.


(2) Patents do not need to prick the suction hole of the soother by themselves.


(3) In the process of using the silicone soother, pay attention to ensuring the ventilation hole and suction hole of the soother face upwards.


(4) If you choose a soother made of rubber, you should pay attention to replacing it in time. The replacement frequency is about once every four or five weeks.


3. How to sterilize silicone soothers?

(1) Processing procedure


Before sanitizing, clean each utensil. This step is very important because the soother can only be fully sterilized after it has been cleaned. Simply rinsing is not enough, as even the smallest food debris can become a breeding ground for germs.  


(2)  Preparation before disinfection


Wash soothers and accessories thoroughly after meals. Scrub the silicone soother inside and out. Then rinse it with clean water, pay special attention to cleaning the soother hole, and flush the hole with water to ensure that there is no food residue.


All utensils should be disinfected at least once a day, preferably in the morning. All utensils should be cleaned and disinfected.


(3) Sterilize with boiling water


Boiling water disinfection is an effective way to kill germs. It is generally recommended to sterilize newborn products by boiling them in boiling water for two to three minutes. The yoboo off-center soother is made of food-grade silicone material, which is resistant to high temperature sterilization, safe and durable.


The soother should not be boiled for too long, as this will increase the viscosity of the surface, cause pores and accelerate the aging of the material.


If the appliance is not fully immersed in water, or if air bubbles build up on the surface, the result will be the same as if the boiling time is insufficient. This may slow down the aging of the material, but it cannot kill germs completely and effectively.


Precautions for sterilizing soothers in boiling water:


Bring water to a boil before putting in the soother to be sterilized; make sure all newborn products and utensils are fully immersed in water; make sure there is enough water in the pot; 2 to 3 minutes of boiling the utensils is sufficient.


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