Parents Should Not Use Wipes for Their Babies in These Cases

May 30,2022

As we all know, wet wipes for newborn are a very convenient newborn care product for mothers. Usually, if the baby gets dirty hands after eating or after poo, mothers only need to take an infant wipe to solve the problem.

But here, yoboo, the manufacturer of newborn care products reminds mothers that wet wipes for newborn should not be used indiscriminately, otherwise it will be detrimental to the baby's health. Therefore, under what circumstances should wet wipes for newborn not be used?

1. The quality of infant wipes is not good or it is not specially designed for infants and young children

Some mothers are very careless. Even if the baby is not feeling well, they will use wet wipes for newborn as usual, who think that the baby's discomfort is not caused by the wipes for newborn, so they don't take it to heart.

But in fact, the baby's discomfort may be caused by allergies to the ingredients of inferior wipes for newborn, so before using wipes on newborns, mothers must carefully check the main ingredients of newborn care products and wet wipes for newborn to see if the baby is suitable for wipes for newborn.

2. Do not use wet wipes for newborn on delicate skin

The skin of different parts of the baby's body also needs to be treated differently. For example, the skin of the baby's face, buttocks, lower body and other important parts is more delicate than the skin of the back. The skin of these delicate or sensitive parts should be specially treated.

Once the quality of infant wipes is not good, it will cause allergies to these important parts of the baby, causing skin rashes, itching and other problems, which will affect the baby's health.

3. Wet wipes for newborn cannot be used in low temperature environments

Many mothers use wipes for newborn because of their convenience, so they will use wet wipes for newborn as usual in autumn and winter when the temperature is low.

In fact, when the temperature is low, the baby's skin itself will be relatively fragile, and the body temperature will not be high. The infant wipes will also become cold when exposed to low temperatures. At this time, using wipes on newborns to wipe the baby's butt may cause the baby to catch cold, leading to vomiting and diarrhea.

Therefore, for wiping the baby's skin at ordinary times, it is best to use ordinary dry wipes that are soft and absorbent, or use a heater to heat the infant wipes for newborn, so that the baby's skin will not be affected.

In the above three cases, mothers are not allowed to use wet wipes for newborn! The baby's skin is very delicate, and your little mistake may affect the baby's health.

But overall, infant wipes are a very good newborn care product, which brings great convenience to mothers.

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