Using Milk Pump in Science, Helps You Transform into Super "Milk Cow"

Dec 06,2023

Sucking milk is indeed a very useful tool for mothers who need to squeeze milk. If breastfeeding is not going smoothly, it may be necessary to squeeze milk to maintain lactation, so using an automatic breast milk pump to stimulate lactation is also the choice of many breastfeeding mothers.

What should be done if the nipples hurt when using an automatic milk extractor?

Many mothers experience nipple and areola pain after using a milk extractor, and they feel that it is not completely clean. What should you do when encountering these situations?

Choose a suitable breast shield. Breast pumping should not cause pain. Oversized or undersized shields can both affect the inhibition of milk ejection reflex and milk flow rate. To ensure maximum comfort and breastfeeding efficiency, we must choose the appropriate size of breast shield.

Correct use of automatic milk extractor

A mother who relies entirely on an automatic breast milk pump to extract milk may encounter many difficulties. When unable to completely remove milk from all areas of the breast, it may be due to congestion or duct blockage leading to breast lumps. Breast massage and breast compression during breastfeeding can help solve this problem.

Steps for using a milk extractor

If you want to increase milk production, you can use the following methods

If you find a localized lump or blockage in the breasts, you can use the following methods

Tips for using an automatic milk extractor

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