yoboo Launches a New Product That Offers Professional Care for Baby's Growth

Dec 08,2022

MANILA, Philippines, Oct. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Japanese professional mother and baby brand yoboo recently launched a new product, the yoboo Adjustable Baby Walker, in the Philippines. The product is designed to help babies grow up healthily and optimize the parenting process.

"Currently, yoboo is experiencing rapid growth as the company continues to provide high-quality, competitive products to parents," said yoboo founder Chinen Rina. "With the launch of the yoboo Adjustable Baby Walker, the firm is providing Filipino families with an easier and more effective parenting option."


yoboo adjustable baby walker

yoboo uses science-based parenting to deliver a new experience

Given that the toddler stage is particularly important for parenting, many parents are concerned about how to best raise and care for their child in a scientific and effective manner on top of their natural growth. The professional maternal and child brand rolled out the new baby walker solution through its ongoing efforts in R&D and innovation in technology as a result of its keen awareness of actual market demand.

yoboo Adjustable Baby Walker offers four height adjustment modes that can prevent the formation of bowleggedness arising from the unsuitable height of the product by enabling the adjustment of babies' sitting and standing postures according to their actual height. With the feature, the solution fully meets the needs of infants at different growth stages by assisting them in learning to walk easily and effectively.

Professional quality and thoughtful care

With a user-centered design approach, yoboo has significantly enhanced its brand competitiveness. In addition, based on Japanese parenting styles, the firm is committed to developing safe, effective and comfortable maternal and infant products that help ensure the safety and health of both mothers and babies, with a focus on science-based parenting. One of the highlights of the firm's product lineup is the newly launched yoboo Adjustable Baby Walker that helps ensure the healthy growth of toddlers by using a comprehensive detailed design approach.

Thoughtful design for easy parenting:

- Foldable, space-saving

- Stable triangular structure prevents rollovers

- Breathable and comfortable seat cushion

- Larger and wider chassis that keeps the baby's feet in a safe position

- A fun board that can be removed to become a dinner plate

With a rich lineup of professional, premium maternal and infant products, yoboo has been furthering the concept of science-based parenting, with the aim of delivering a more relaxing parenting experience to mothers while promoting the health of babies by optimizing the parenting process.

To meet the expectations of Filipino consumers, yoboo plans to launch a promotional event during the upcoming Singles' Day shopping season, including a discount of up to 14% and other offers in a move to furnish high-quality, more affordable products to shoppers.


yoboo 11.11 Mega Pamasko Carnival

For more information about yoboo's promotional event during the upcoming shopping days, please visit yoboo's official stores where a number of best-selling products are on offer at a discount:

Shopee: https://shopee.ph/yobooph

Lazada: https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/yoboo

yoboo finest care, a happy mother to be.

yoboo's official website: https://www.yoboojp.com/

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