Key to Breast Milk Storage is Perfection Milk Storage Bags

Sep 17,2023

Milk storage bags, also known as breast milk preservation bags, are mainly used for storing breast milk. Common materials include polyethylene, and some breast storage milk bags also add PET to improve their barrier properties. In addition to the common materials of breast storage milk bags, silver ion breast storage milk bags also add silver ion antibacterial ingredients, so that the storage bags can automatically inhibit bacteria, extending the freshness of breast milk.

When should breast storage milk bags be used to store breast milk?

The expressed milk can be refrigerated or frozen in the refrigerator. It is recommended to choose suitable plastic products that are suitable for freezing and have good sealing. Do not choose metal or glass products to store breast milk, as the active factors in breast milk will adhere to metal or glass, which can reduce the nutritional composition of breast milk over time. Therefore, the correct choice is to use breast storage milk bags to store breast milk.

Silver ion breast storage milk bags

Silver ion breast storage milk bags are products certified by the Japan Anti-Bacterial Products Association, and they do not contain bisphenol A and are made of safe and non-toxic materials. With the addition of silver ion antibacterial ingredients, the preservation effect of breast milk is improved. The bags are sterilized by gamma rays before leaving the factory, so they can be used directly. With a large capacity of 250 ml, they meet the needs of mothers for various storage quantities. They also have a dual outlet design, which does not cause secondary pollution or leakage. The upright bag design is convenient for refrigeration and freezing.

Thawing methods for breast milk in storage bags

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