Is it Necessary to Use Infant Hand Wipes? How to Ensure Safety?

Oct 01,2023

infant hand wipes are specially designed for babies, different from regular wipes, with gentler materials and ingredients. Depending on the intended use, there are ordinary infant hand wipes and hand and mouth infant hand wipes. Because babies are often active and tend to get dirty, moms use them to clean baby's hands and face, etc.

The following are the functions of infant hand wipes:

Is it necessary to buy infant hand wipes? 

Newborn babies not only have delicate skin, but their bodies often get dirty. infant hand wipes are not only used to replace towels to clean baby's hands, face and moisturize baby's skin, but also easy to use for cleaning when baby has a dirty diaper. It saves time and effort and is also very useful for cleaning baby's toys compared to washing with water or using tissue. The amount of wipes used by each baby should vary according to their age and situation each month.

What ingredients in infant hand wipes are unsafe?

 Anything used for babies must be absolutely safe. infant hand wipes differ from regular wipes for adults, and the ingredients are different too. For example, alcohol used in regular wipes for adults cannot be added to infant hand wipes.


Alcohol is often used in wipes for disinfecting and sterilizing. However, people who study chemistry know that alcohol evaporates easily, taking away a lot of moisture during the process. Baby's skin is easily dehydrated, so wipes with added alcohol will make the baby's skin uncomfortable and are not suitable for use on babies.

Fluorescent Agent

Fluorescent agents are fluorescent dyes, complex organic compounds. It significantly weakens the immune system and the healing ability of wounds, and if accumulated in excess in the body, it can cause serious harm to important organs such as the liver, as well as induce cell carcinogenesis, which is one of the potential carcinogenic factors. Therefore, infant hand wipes should not contain such ingredients as fluorescent agents, which pose a great potential threat to baby's health.


Preservatives are substances used to prolong the life and expiration date of products. However, preservatives added to baby products may cause allergies in babies and even cause allergic dermatitis. If babies are exposed to too many preservatives, it may inhibit bone growth and harm the kidneys and liver. For babies who are rapidly growing, it is important for moms to pay attention to this issue.


Some fragrances can cause irritation to the skin, especially for babies with sensitive skin. Some fragrances even influence the body's functions, so it is best for infant hand wipes not to contain any fragrance components to reduce the risk of allergies and potential risks.

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