Multi-functional Baby High Chair, Cultivating Baby's Eating Habits

Oct 11,2023

Most of us have witnessed parents chasing after their kids with bowls and spoons during mealtime. Not only is it exhausting for the parents, but the kids also struggle to eat peacefully. However, with the multi-functional baby high chair, this situation can be effectively improved and it can help cultivate good eating habits for the baby.

Usually, once a baby learns to sit on their own at around 6 months, they can start using a baby high chair. It is necessary to choose a suitable one in order to cultivate a sense of participation and good eating habits in the baby. Using a high chair can also help to exercise the baby's grasping ability and arm muscles.

Perfect Design of the Multi-functional Baby High Chair

The multi-functional baby high chair is suitable for babies from birth to 3 years old, making it relatively affordable with a long usage lifespan. Its stylish appearance and convenient functions provide comfort and ease during usage. The chair's backrest can be adjusted to different angles and can be folded, saving space. The height can be adjusted, the backrest angle can be changed, and it also supports lie-flat mode. The cushion is thick and soft, made of removable and safe PP material.

The baby high chair can extend, retract, and fold easily, proficiently showing off its versatile and functional capabilities. The widened and comfortable seat, together with the safety guardrail armrest, protects the baby from falling. The extended backrest and adjustable dining tray can facilitate easy cleaning. With multi-level adjustments, a three-point safety belt ensures the baby's safety.

Safety of the Multi-functional Baby High Chair

The multi-functional baby high chair is lightweight and easy to carry, making it easy for the baby to lift. When folded, it takes up very little space and it has a one-button fold feature. With a triangular structure and four-point support design, together with the safety belt, it ensures the baby's safety during use. The chair legs are made of strong yet lightweight alloy, and the plastic parts are made of food-grade PP material, which is sturdy, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. The round and edgeless design protects the baby's safe use.

Convenient Portability of the Multi-functional Baby High Chair

The newborn product baby high chair is more comfortable and can comfortably accommodate both chubby and skinny babies. The thickened steel tube provides visible safety support.

The chair height can be adjusted according to the baby's height and table height. When the baby is an infant, they can use the chair with a safety belt and dining tray, which can be used until the baby is 3 years old. Later, the safety belt and dining tray can be removed, and the chair can be adjusted according to the baby's height.

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