Is Manual or Electric Better for Breast Pump?

Jul 08,2023

Many new moms find that after using a breast pump for a while, there is milk residue inside, especially in the rubber ball, and they want to know how to clean the breast pump. Generally, breast pumps purchased from baby stores come with instructions: first, buy a large cleaning brush and a smaller one that matches the size of the milk bottles, disassemble the breast pump and dry the parts, then clean it with a specialized milk bottle cleaner. After cleaning, put it into a sterilizer or boil it in hot water for 10 minutes. When choosing a breast pump, should you choose an automatic or manual one?

Advantages of Automatic Breast Milk Pump

Advantages of Manual Breast Pump

Disinfection and Cleaning of Automatic Breast Milk Pump

In general, it is sufficient to sterilize an automatic breast milk pump once or twice a day. For new mothers who pump frequently (usually every 2-3 hours), it is recommended not to disinfect and clean after every use as excessive disinfection and cleaning can cause the accessories to age prematurely and shorten the lifespan of the automatic breast milk pump. It is recommended to thoroughly

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